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Music  Props

Red & Blue Drum prop Rental:$200.00
Vintage Red & Gold Drum statue prop Rental:$200.00

Gold Harp Prop Rental:$75.00

Resin/wood/4ft tall/music theme prop rentals/ music rentals

Small Gold Harp prop Rental:$55.00

Small Gold harp decor Rental:$25.00

acrylic/music theme prop rentals

Small grand piano prop Rental:$75.00

17" Length x 20" tall includes seat decor/ music theme prop rentals/ music rentals

Vintage Phonograph prop Rental:$75.00

Vintage Phonograph Prop Rental:$75.00

wood/brass/music prop rental/music rentals/

Violin prop Rental:$50.00

wood/real/music theme prop rentals/music rentals/decorative only

Vintage trumpet prop Rental:$25.00

brass/vintage/decorative only/music prop rentals

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