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Chäkoda Design

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Candyland Willy Wonka Prop


Oversized Fruit 


food prop Rentals

Jumbo Oversized Pineapple prop Rental:$95.00 ea.

24"x 13"/corr. foam/fabric top/oversized fruit prop rental/set movie prop rentals

Jumbo Oversized Cherry stem Prop Rental:$100.00

30" tall / corr. foam/ vinyl leaves/ oversized jumbo fruit prop rental/ jumbo oversized vegetable prop rentals

Oversized Jumbo Banana prop Rental:$

32"/ foam corr./acrylic/oversized fruit prop rental/oversized vegetable prop rental

Jumbo Oversized Green Apple statue prop Rental:$90.00

2ft tall/ resin/ must be delivered/ jumbo over sized fruit prop rentals

Jumbo Cherry statue prop Rental:$100.00

Oversize jumbo citrus slices set prop Rental:$150.00

set of 3/corr.foam/15"/ over size food fruit prop rentals

Jumbo Strawberrys with Flower prop Rental:$50.00

15" diameter/ paper foam/ must be delivered/ jumbo oversized fruit jumbo vegetable prop rentals

Jumbo double Cherry statue prop Rental:$150.00

Size: 20 x 11 x 24 H" Weight: 8 lbs./resin/ over sized jumbo fruit food prop rentals

Large Watermelon slice decor prop Rental:$25.00

12"/foam/cushion/jumbo fruit oversized prop rental

Over sized Jumbo yellow Bell Pepper statue Rental:$90.00

Jumbo Bellpeper prop Rental:$

oversized vegetable prop rental /oversized jumbo fruit prop rental

Giant Green String Bean Rental:$50.00

34" /vegetable prop rentals/ jumbo vegetable fruit prop rentals/must be delivered

Oversized Jumbo Red Chile statue prop Rental:$80.00

Jumbo Oversized Cauliflower prop Rental:$75.00

25"/corr. foam/ vinyl leaves/ oversized jumbo vegetable prop rental/ oversized jumbo fruit prop rentals

Jumbo Carrot statue prop Rental:$150.00

Size: 10 X 10 X 43 H"/resin/ over sized jumbo food vegetable prop rental/ must be delivered/ food fruit prop rental

Jumbo Oversized Lemon prop Rental:$85.00

24"/ corr foam/vinyl leaves/ oversized jumbo vegetable prop rentals/ oversized jumbo fruit prop rental

Jumbo oversized Hamburger statue prop Rental:$80.00

dimensions: 12”dia x 16”h/resin/ oversized jumbo food prop rental

Oversize jumbo Hot dog statue prop Rental:$125.00

Size: 12 x 10 x 30 H" Weight: 10 lbs/ resin/ jumbo over size food prop rentals

Giant take out Box prop Rental:$45.00

10'' x 10'' tall /cardstock (only box) jumbo oversized food prop rental

Egg Sushi prop Rental:$55.00

10'' lenght x 4.5'' tall x 3.75'' wide Candyland prop rental/ candyland party jumbo oversized food prop rental/resin/ Japanese sushi prop rental

Red Sushi Bridge Rental:$40.00 ea.

17"x8.5"/ food display tray/ food prop rental/ sushi japanese prop rental

Jumbo California Roll statue prop Rental:$90.00

16'' tall / resin jumbo oversized food prop rental/sushi Japanese prop rental

Jumbo Oversized Corn statue prop Rental:$75.00

Item Height: 16 in. Item Width: 11.5 in. Item Length: 11.5 in. Item Weight: 12 lb./oversized jumbo vegetable prop rental/jumbo food prop rental

Over sized jumbo Corn stalk statue prop Rental:$80.00
Donut statue prop Rental:$85.00

Donut statue prop Rental:$100.00

16" tall/ resin/ must be delivered/ oversize jumbo food prop rental

Jumbo Shrimp Sushi prop rental:$55.00

4.5'' tall x 3.75'' wide x 10'' lenght Candyland prop rental/ candyland party jumbo oversized food prop rental

Black Sushi Bridge Rental:$40.00

17"x8.5"/ food display/ food sushi japanese prop rental

Japanese Sushi Boat Rental:$40.00

18"Lx 7" wide / food display rental/ food prop rental / japanese prop rental/ sushi prop rental

Oversize Jumbo Animal cookie Box display prop Rental:$50.00

Materials: Cardboard Height: 11 1/2 inches Width: 19 inches Depth: 8 1/2 inches/ over size jumbo food prop rental