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Chäkoda Design

Unique Theme Prop 

Rentals & Event Design

Christmas & Holiday Prop Rentals

Vintage Drum prop Statue Rental:$200.00

25"x24" tall/resin/christmas prop rentals/christmas party rentals/christmas party

Christmas Mouse statue prop Rental:$50.00

30" tall / acrylic/christmas prop rentals/christmas party rentals/must be delivered

White Santa Sleigh prop Rental:$400.00

6ft/metal/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/christmas party rentals

Pepermint candy prop Rental:$50.00

22" tall/acrylic/lights up/christmas prop rentals

Large Vintage Red truck prop Rental:$450.00

must be delivered/metal/wood/

Teddy Bear standing statue prop Rental:$400.00

56" tall x 32" wide/ resin/must be delivered/christmas prop rental/toyland prop rentals

Letters for santa mailbox prop set Rental:$

large/medium/small/metal/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/toyland prop rentals

Santa Reindeer prop Rental:$

life size/acrylic/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/santa prop rentals

Red Ornament wall divider Prop Rental:$100.00 ea.

4 panels available/16" wide x 4 ft tall/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/christmas party/holiday party rentals

Santa tray statuette decor Rental:$110.00

29" tall/resin/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/north pole prop rentals

Swirl candy cane statue prop rental:$150.00

39" tall x 16" x13" resin/Christmas prop rentals/north pole prop rentals/must be delivered

Drum prop Statue Rental:$250.00

25"x 22" tall/resin/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/toyland prop rentals/christmas party

Santa's Sack prop rental:$50.00

30" tall/ acrylic/must be delivered/lights up/christmas prop rentals/christmas toyland prop rental

Red Santa Sleigh prop Rental:$300.00
Medium Red Swirly Santa Sleigh prop Rental:$125.00

Fuzzy baby deer prop Rental:$100.00

(head up)30" tall/christmas prop rentals/woodland animal prop rentals

Santa mail box Small prop Rental:$50.00

christmas prop rentals/christmas party rentals

Teddy Bear sitting statue prop Rental:$200.00

resin/must be delivered/christmas toyland prop rentals/christmas prop rentals

Medium Nutcracker statue prop Rental:$125.00 ea.

3ft tall/acrylic/christmas prop rentals/toyland prop rentals

Jumbo Ornament Prop rental:$50.00 ea.

H 26 in, W 19.5 in, D 19.5 in/asst colors/must be delivered/holiday christmas prop rentals

Mrs Claus life size prop statue rental:$

29 × 25 × 63.5 in/must be delivered/ north pole prop rentals/santas workshop prop rentals

Head elf prop rental:$100.00

4ft/stands on its own/north pole prop rentals/christmas prop rentals

Wood fire place mantle prop Rental:$

must be delivered/must be connected to light up/christmas prop rentals/cabin prop rentals

Wood fireplace mantle prop Rental:$

must be delivered/lights up/must be delivered/needs outlet/christmas prop rentals

Toy solider statue prop Retnal:$300.00

resin/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/christmas toyland prop rental/66" tall x16" wide

Medium Red Santa Sleigh prop Rental:$125.00

34"x24"x16"/metal/Must be delivered/Christmas prop rentals/christmas toyland prop rentals

Red & Wood Sled prop Rental:$80.00

Christmas Reindeer prop Rental:$150.00 ea.

acrylic/must be delivered/life size/christmas prop rentals/ santa props

Candy nutcracker prop Rental:$200.00

4ft tall/acrylic/resin/must be delivered/christmas prop rental

Gingerbread house pastel prop Rental:$100.00 ea.

36" tall/ acrylic/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals/holiday prop rentals/candyland prop rentals

Stacked gifts prop rental:$100.00

3ft tall/acrylic/christmas prop rentals/toyland prop rentals

Santa life size prop rental:$

life size/stands on own/must be delivered/Christmas prop rentals/North pole prop rentals/santas workshop prop rentals

Santa prop Rental:$

Medium santa prop rental/must be delivered/christmas prop rentals

Horse Clydesdale plush prop rental:$350.00

Weight: 31.22 lbs Length: 62.99" Width: 15.75" Height: 53.15"/must be delivered/Christmas horse rental/christmas prop rentals/holiday prop rentals