Boho Camping & Woodland Prop Rentals
Tee pee Prop Rental:$120.00 each
 6 ft tallCanoe Prop Rental:$375.00
15.5' Ft Long /45 lbs/ prop only
must be deliveredOrange Boat Prop Rental:$50.00
Dimensions: 83 x 46 x 16 inches
For prop only/non ride on/must be delivered.Christmas tree fern prop rental:$75.00 5ft tall
Double Mushroom Prop Rental:$350.00 resin/Round Mushroom prop Rental:$100.00 Size: 19x 18 x 17 H"/ResinSlanted Mushroom prop Rental:$100.00 Size: 18 x 18 x 22 H"/ResinMushroom house statue prop Rental:$450.00 Resin/
Moss Mushroom decor Rental:$25.00 ea 16''/mossWood tree stool Rental:$50.00 ea 20'' tall x 12'' wideWoven Stool Rental:$25.00 each 17 inch x 12.5 inch x 12.5 inchFaded tree stump stool Rental:$15.00 ea cement/11.8 inch x 8.7 inch x 7.9 inch
White Cherry Blossom tree Rental:$150.00 86.6 inch x 51.2 inch x 51.2 inchRock Prop Rental:$200.00 19"×15"×11", C: 18"×12"×12", D:13"×12"×7.3", E:15"×8.7"×7", F:13.2"×7"×7" /corr.foam/set of 5Wood table Long Rental:$150.00 37.4 inch x 45.3 inch x 27.6 inchWood table Square Rental:$100.00 29.5 inch x 31.5 inch x 31.5 inch
Brown bear faux fur pillow Rental:$35.00 Wood throne chair Rental:$300.00 wood/Buck statue prop Rental:$275.00 38'' Tall x 44'' L x 14'' Wide/resinDeer statue prop Rental:$200.00 Size: 33 x 12 x 32 H"/resin
Fox statue prop Rental:$150.00 Size:38 x 12 x 21 H"/resinBeaver statue Prop Rental:$80.00 Size: 25 x 18 x 17 H"/resinLife size Bear Prop Rental:$300.00 21.45in X 28.47in X 58.50in (LxWxH)/plushHoney Bear prop Rental:$300.00 34'' Lenght x 19''wide x 33'' tall/plush
Moose Prop Rental:$ 
48.36in X 13.65in X 44.46in (LxWxH)/plushWolf Prop Rental:$
 39in X 15.60in X 30.42in (LxWxH)/plushBaby Wolf Cub prop Rental:$ 40.00
14.43in X 7.80in X 12.48in (LxWxH)/plushDoe Prop Rental:$50.00
 27.30in X 7.41in X 31.20in (LxWxH)/plush
Picnic Basket prop Rental:$25.00 wicker/Red camping lantern prop Rental:$12.00 each/vintage Brown camping lantern prop 
Handle Width: 5 3/8" Base Diameter: 4 1/2" Height: 8"Black vintage lantern decor Rental:$15.00
 Width: 5 3/4" Height without Handle: 9 1/2"  Height with Handle: 13 1/2"
Gray vintage crate prop Rental:$15.00 ea/assorted sizesFirewood prop Rental:$75.00 Log Size (In.): 20 Depth (in.): 10 Height (in.): 10.2Gray camping chair Rental:$15.00
Dimensions (Overall): 35 inches (H) x 20.5 inches (W) x 17 inches (D)Woven tan Pillow decor Rental:$35.00 6 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch
Indian texture Pillow decor Rental:$25.00 6 inch x 18 inch x 18 inchToffee throw decor Rental:$45.00
 .2 inch x 50 inch x 60 inchSteer Skull prop Rental:$40.00 faux/resinSeaweed Garland Rental:$10.00 ea
Turq Dream catcher Rental:$25.00 Peacock statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Size: 56 x 17 x 35 H"/resin/ lifesize prop peacock chair prop rentalAlpaca Llama life size statue Prop Rental:$300.00Woven Basket Lantern Rental:$40.00 ea 13.8 inch x 13 inch x 13 inch
Woven Basket open Lantern Rental:$50.00 set of 2Horse statue prop Rental:$ 
Size: 45 x 14 x 54 H"/resinVintage Wine barrel prop Rental:$80.00
wood/heavy/Western Scene setter Rental:$100.00 10ft wide x 20 ft tall/muslin
Grass rug Rental:$100.00 Camo netting prop Rental:$120.00 ea. woodland color 10ft x 10ftPeacock Chair Rental:$150.00
Peacock chair prop/ boho theme props bohemian prop rentals boho baby showerWhite Peacock Chair Rental:$150.00
Peacock chair Prop/boho theme/boho party/boho style/ boho bridal shower
Peacock Chair Prop Rental:$150.00
Kids Peacock Chair Rental:$50.00
boho theme/ boho style /boho inspired/ boho baby shower /boho bridal showerTurq pillow Rental:$25.00 Ea.
Measurement:20x20x6.5(Inches)Black vase with Crochet vest Rental:$15.00Gray yarny Dream Catcher Rental:$25.00 
(2 available)
Natural Woven Garland Rental: $25.00
5 ft lengthBoho Baby Shower
Blush Draping Rental:$200.00
Blush Cherry Blossom Tree Rental:$200.00Boho
Where the Wild things are Party
Where the wild things are character stand Rental:$80.00
Kids Peacock chair rental:$50.00
Boho Indian Wall hanging Rental:$50.00
Wild One wood sign Rental:$25.00Llama prop Rental:$125.00
Laying Llama Medium prop Rental:$50.00
Laying Llama Small prop Rental:$35.00Popcorn Pillow decor Rental:$25.00
Measurement:18x18x7(Inches)Cactus prop Rental:$75.00 48'' (50.00) and 69'' tall (75.00) faux cactusCactus mini pot Rental:$10.00 Each
Boho theme rentals
Prickly Cactus in pot Rental:$50.00
    Length: 8"
    Width: 10 3/4"
    Height: 29 1/16"/faux cactusColor mini cactus decor Rental:$2.00 ea.
6x3.5-in.Barrel Cactus Rental:$50.00
12" diameter/faux cactusCactus in rusty pot decor Rental:$25.00
Measurement:8.7x8.7x9.5(Inches)/faux plant/boho prop rental
Fuzzy podium cactus decor Rental:$25.00 each
 Measurement:8x5x24.5(Inches)Rubber cactus in pot decor Rental:$15.00 each
boho prop rentalsThorny cactus prop Rental:$100.00 Ea.Woodland Tree Prop Rental:$200.00
D24x79"/ camping props/ camping party
Magnolia tree prop Rental:$115.00 Each
4.5 ft tallLight pink Cherry blossom Tree Rental:$225.00White Cherry blossom Tree Rental:$225.00
Dimensions:86.6 inch x 51.2 inch x 51.2 inch/ boho prop rentals/ bohemian partyWoven plum Puff Rental:$45.00
boho prop rentals
Boho Basket Set Decor Rental:$45.00