Sesame Street Party Rentals
Big Bird life size Statue Prop Rental:$500.00Sesame Street Post Rental:$85.00Vintage Prarie Dawn Doll Rental:$8.75Vintage Oscar the Grouch Decor Rental:$18.75Bert & Ernie Plush Decor Rental:$14.00
Abby Cadabby Plush Rental:$7.50 Rosita Plush Rental:$7.50Vintage Honkers Plush Rental:$8.75Big Bird Vintage Doll Decor Rental:$18.00 Snuffy Plush Rental:$7.50Baby Nancy Plush Decor Rental:$7.50Vintage Honkers Blue Rental:$8.75
Vintage The Count Plush Rental:$15.75 Oscar the Grouch table top Rental:$14.75Oscar the Grouch Prop Rental:$85.00Vintage Elmo Decor Rental:$25.75Cookie Monster Mini Decor Rental:$12.75 Cobalt Blue Cake Tier Rental:$12.75Oscar the Grouch Mini Decor Rental:$10.75
Bert & Ernie Mini Decor Rental:$15.00Clear 4 tier cupcake holder Rental:$25.00Elmo & Dorthy Fish Bowl Rental:$18.50Animated Fruit Decor Rental:$9.75 Ea.Hot Air Balloon Decor Rental:$20.00 Sesame St. Bus Prop Rental:$200.00 (decorative piece only) non-ride on
Small Post decor Rental:$10.00 Hanging Sun Decor Rental:$12.00  sun 20'' wideAbby Cadabby mini plush & frame Rental:$10.75Ernie & Bert Can Doll Rental:$17.75Murray Plush Doll Rental:$15.50Vintage Franklin Can Doll Rental:$20.75
Oscar the grouch Plastic decor Rental:$10.75Hoopers store sign Rental:$12.75 Grocery stand Rental:$105.00Red & White Picnic table cloth set Rental:$15.75Fishing for Treasure Game Rental:$15.75
Dog Bunny & Gorilla Bean Bag toss game Rental:$15.75Multi Color Umbrella Only  Rental:$15.00 Ea.Plastic bath tub & ducks toss game Rental:$35.00Ernie's Duck Toss Sign Rental:$8.50Crayon set Rental:$13.75
Vintage Sesame Street masks Rental:$15.75 Ea.123 Sesame Street Backdrop Rental:$75.00 Snuffy Board Character Rental:$12.75Large Snuffy Plush Rental:$13.50Big Bird Figure Rental:$7.75ABC Wood Block Rental Large:$18.50 Ea/Medium:$15.00Ea/Small 12.00 Ea.
ABC Wood Block Rental Small:$12.00 Medium Rental:$15.00/Large Rental:$18.50 Ea.Ernie Figure Rental:$20.75Jumbo Asst. Polkadot Pinwheel Rental:$5.00 Ea.Red Rollie Cart Rental:$50.00Pink Rollie Cart Rental:$50.00
Sesame Street Brick Building Rental:$200.00Sesame Street Building Rental:$200.00Sesame St. Cloth Character Decor Rental:$6.00 Ea.Elmo Entertainer $375.00 Per HourSesame Street vintage Sign Rental:$8.75
Can you tell me Sign Rental:$12.75D is for Drinks Sign Rental:$12.75Dalmatian Plush Rental:$25.75Golden Retriever Plush Rental:$25.00Beagle Plush Rental:$20.75
Hot Air Balloon Free Standing Rental:$50.00 Ea.Wooden Bed Rental:$27.75 includes mattress & sheetsBaby Bear Plush Decor Rental:$13.75 Purple Twiddle Bug Plush Decor Rental:$15.75Elmo & Friends on Sesame Street Rental Package: $1300.00
Jumbo Cookie Prop Rental:$50.00 Milk Carton Decor Prop Rental:$15.75Super Grover Decor Plush Rental:$16.75Small Bath tub Decor Rental:$16.75 Bubbles rented seperately Ernie Plush Decor Rental:$13.75
Jumbo Corn Decor Prop Rental:$50.00Oscar Trash Can Decor Prop Rental:$50.00Jumbo Cookie Monster Plush Rental:$50.00
Sesame Street Party RentalsMini Grand Piano Rental: $50.004 Piece Fence Rental: $ 10.00
Sesame Street Prop RentalsSesame Street Party RentalsSesame Street Party RentalsSesame Street party
Sesame Street PartySesame Street Party RentalSesame Street PartySesame Street partySesame Street Party
Sesame Street PartySesame Street partySesame Street PartySesame Street PartySesame Street party U.S.Mailbox Prop Rental:$130.00 Life size/approx.weight 120 lbs
Sesame Street theme party Sesame street prop rentalsSesame Street cake table  Sesame street party rentalsUS Mailbox Prop Rental:$300.00 Sesame Street prop rentalsKids Park Bench Prop Rental:$100.00 Bench: 16”(L) x 32.75”(W) x 20”(H)Fire Hydrant Prop Rental:$45.00 11½"Wx9½"Dx23"H. 4 lbs./metal
Kids Colorful Chair Rental:$5.00 Each Chair: 13"(L) x 12.25"(W) x 20"(H)