Hollywood Prop Rentals

Gold Trophy Statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Hollywood theme Prop Rental
Red carpet prop Rentals
Emmy inspired gold statue rentalRed Ropes Stanchion Rental:$100.00
2 gold posts and 1 red velvet rope
Hollywood theme prop rental
Red carpet movie prop rentalsPhonograph Prop Rental:$50.00
Hollywood theme prop rental
Red carpet prop rentalPopcorn Cart Rental:$150.00
8 Oz machine/must be plugged in
includes 1 bag of popcorn and kernals
Hollywood prop rentalClap Board Decor Rental:$25.00
Red carpet movie theme rentals
Hollywood prop rentalsRed Carpet Rental:$100.00
31" wide x 15 ft length
Hollywood Prop rentals
Red carpet theme party rentals
Gold Draping Curtain Rental:$200.00
10 ft wide x 14 ft tall/spandex
Red carpet prop rental
Hollywood theme prop RentalsRed Draping Curtain Rental:$200.00
10 ft wide x 14ft tall/Polyester
Red carpet prop Rental
Hollywood prop RentalsBlack Draping Curtain Rental:$200.00
10ft wide x 14 ft tall/Polyester
Red carpet prop rentals
Hollywood prop theme rentalsDirectors Chair Rental:$40.00 Each
4 ft tall
Movie night theme prop rentals
hollywood movie prop rentalsOversized Dice Prop Rental:$250.00
Hard coated foam 2' 11 Tall x 2' 11 L
50 lbs.
Hollywood props
Casino prop rentals
Casino Las Vegas propsOver sized Clapboard Prop Rental:$100.00
Gold Palm tree Prop Rental:$200.00Vintage Camera Prop Rental:$50.00
4 ft tall/ prop only
Hollywood prop rental
red carpet theme party rentalRed Dice decor Prop Rental:$50.00Black Dice decor Prop Rental:$50.00Travel Luggage set Prop Rental:$150.00
Set of 3 luggage (large/med/small)
Hollywood theme prop rentalsGiant Wine Bottle statue prop Rental:$150.00
Over sized Champagne glass prop rental: $150.00
over sized wine bottle statue
hollywood prop rentals
casino theme prop rentals
Cash statue prop Rental:$100.00
Las Vegas Prop Rental
Casino theme prop rentalsOver sized double Cherry statue prop Rental:$150.00
casino theme prop rental
Vegas theme prop rentalsOver sized Cherry statue prop Rental:$75.00
Las Vegas theme prop rentals
casino theme prop rentalsHollywood Trophy Statue Prop Rental:$500.00Life size Champagne Glass Prop Rental:$150.00Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental:$115.00
Red carpet prop rentals
Hollywood theme prop Rentals
Life size Popcorn Box Prop Rental:$150.00 Each
5 ft tall/ wood
Popcorn balloon arch $175.00 additionalHollywood ticket decor Rental:$25.00 Ea