Halloween Prop Rentals

Spooky butler with crow Prop Rental:$150.00Spooky butler crouching Prop Rental:$150.00Spooky Maid life size Prop Rental:$200.00Green Magic witch Prop Rental:$100.00
Wicked witch prop Rental:$175.00Flying witch prop Rental:$120.00Wicked with Wizard of OZ Rental:$100.00RIP tombstone prop Rental:$25.00
Angel tombstone prop Rental:$25.00London Street light Post Prop Rental:$300.00Black Beauty Clock Rental:$200.00Knight Statue Prop Rental:$75.00 Ea.
Haunted Head decor Prop
Rental:$50.00 each Haunted Dog Statue Prop Rental:$75.00Stone Baby head decor Rental:$25.00Fortune Teller animated ball Prop Rental:$50.00
Vintage street light post Prop Rental:$85.00 ea.Moss Gate Entrance Prop Rental:$250.00 EaRoyal Gate Rental:$200.00Harry Potter Gate prop Rental:$200.00
Roman Column Prop Rental:$100.00 ea. Acrylic/ 7 ft tall/4 availableRoman Banister prop Rental:$125.00 EaColonnade Arch Prop Rental:$100.00 
Colonnade Base/Top Quarter Circle Prop Rental:$80.00
Laying Angel Statue Prop Rental:$75.00Persian Rug Runner Rental:$50.00Faux Brown Book Rental:$4.50 EachGhost books Prop Rental:$25.00 Ea.
Gold Harp Prop Rental:$75.00Magic Book Prop Statue:$60.00Hanging Ghost Prop Rental:$25.00Floating Dress Prop Rental:$50.00
Haunted girl on Tomb Prop Rental:$120.00Skeleton Cat prop Rental:$25.00 Ea.Volture Statuette Decor Rental:$25.00 Giant Spider prop Rental:$50.00
Brass Candelabra decor Rental:$25.00 Led Chunky Candle decor Rental:$5.00 eachLittle Shoppe of Horrors inspired Plant Prop Rental:$40.00 EachSpooky crown decor Prop Rental:$25.00
Spooky Pumpkins Prop Rental:$75.00 Haunted Mansion inspired frame Prop Rental:$100.00Hearse Carriage Prop Rental:$250.00Rust Roman Pedestal Prop Rental:$100.00 Ea.
Black Urn prop Rental:$10.00 Ea.Plant Eater prop Rental:$50.00Little Shoppe of Horrors Plant Statue Prop Rental:$150.00Swamp Man prop statue Rental:$150.00
Haunted Mansion Foyer inspired Backdrop Rental:$400.00Spooky Circus Frame Decor Rental:$35.00