Eighties 80's Prop Rentals
Pacman table decor Rental:$25.00 Ea.
light up assorted colors /8" tall/Disco ball Prop Rental:$150.00
20" /80s prop rentals/ eighties prop rentals/80s party/Slimer Prop Rental:$300.00E.T. Prop Rental:$250.00
Gizmo Decor Rental:$50.00 EachJaws shark head prop rental:$400.00Hover Board Prop Rental:$115.00Super Mario Prop Rental:$50.00
20" tall/ table top decor/ 80s prop rentals/ eighties prop rentals /super mario party rentals
80's Prop RentalsRubigs cube prop Rental:$250.00Giant watch prop rental:$100.00Rainbow Prop Rental:$200.00 each
3 rainbows available
 49" tall x 8Ft wide/ wood/ 3 available Enchanted fairytale prop rentals/80s prop rentals/eighties party props
Rubik's Cube Box rental:$85.00Little Skateboard Rental:$25.00 Each.Black high heel chair Prop Rental:$200.00Jumbo Spray Paint can Prop Rental:$100.00
Boom box Prop Rental:$75.00Pacman Decor Rental:$50.00Vintage Roller skates Decor Rental:$50.00Eight ball Decor Rental:$50.00
C3po Prop statue Rental:$500.00
Size: 69" H x 24" W x 24" D @ approximately 58 lbs/Resin Star Wars Prop Rentals Item must be delivered/no client pickup allowed /80s prop rental/ eighties party/ 80s theme partyAstronaut statue Prop Rental:$200.00Hot wheels car prop Rental:$250.00
5ft long x 20 " wide /must be delivered/80s prop rentals/ eighties prop rentals/ 80s party/ eighties theme partyCassette tape centerpiece 
Rental:$12.75 Each
Boom Box Prop Rental:$200.00 : 80's prop rentals/ eighties prop rentals/ 90's prop rentals/80s theme party Giant Cassette tape Prop rental:$100.00Connect 4 Game Oversized Rental:$
U.S. Mailbox Prop Rental:$300.00Metal trash can prop Rental:$45.00Brick Box Prop Rental:$100.00 each