Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Party Rentals
Cat in the Hat Plush Rental:$50.00Fish in Tea pot decor Rental:$25.00Suessville Sign Rental:$12.75To there to here sign Rental:$15.00The Grinch Doll Plush Rental:$50.00 Vintage Red Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00
Large Fish Plush & Large Glass Bowl Rental:$15.75Cake Tiers Rental:$12.00 Ea.Wocket in my Pocket Combo  Rental:$12.75Cat in the hat Standee Rental:$25.00Blue Dresser Decor Rental:$50.00
Large Red & White Umbrella Decor Rental:$15.75Dr. Suess Blue Walrus Fish Plush Rental:$5.75Dr Suess Green Bird plush Rental:$5.75Dr Suess Yertle Turtle Plush  Rental:$5.75Dr. Suess Hop on Pop Plush Rental:$5.75
Dr. Suess Orange Cat Plush Rental:$5.75Cat in the hat Dish Rental:$9.75Asst. Color Wood Box Baskets Rental:$5.50 Ea.All Items priced individually
Things 1 & 2 Combo Set Rental:$17.75Sneetch Combo Set Rental:$12.75The Lorax Combo Set Rental:$20.75Blue Fish Walrus Combo Set Rental:$15.75Green Bird Combo Set Rental:$12.75
Large Horton Plush Decor Rental:$28.75Thing 1 & Thing 2 Plush Rental:$7.00 Ea.Dr. Suess Green Alligator Plush Rental:$5.75Dr. Suess Fox in Socks Plush Rental:$5.75Go Dog Go Plush Rental;$5.75
Dr. Suess Mr. Brown Can Moo Plush Rental:$5.75Are you my mother plush Rental:$5.75Dr Suess Cat in the Hat Decor Rental:$8.50Cat in the Hat Table top decor Rental:$9.00Red & White Striped Hat prop Rental:$4.75
Cat in the hat Stack Decor Rental:$17.75Cat In the Hat Jar Rental:$25.00Vintage Cat in the Hat Box decor Rental:$8.00Yellow Tin Cake Tiers Rental:$18.00 (set of 3)Asst. Plastic Baby Tub Rental:$8.00
ABC Blocks Decor Set  Rental:$ 12.75Red and White Striped table runners Rental:$6.75 Ea.Red 4x6 Frame Rental:$4.50Red Rollie Cooler Rental:$50.004 Oz Popcorn Cart Rental:$50.00
Red Market Canvas Umbrella 7FT Rental:$25.00Yellow Market Canvas Umbrella 7FT Rental:$25.00Green Market Canvas Umbrella 7FT Rental:$25.00Green Plastic Teapot Rental:$5.00 Ea.Lime Green Kids Table Rental:$17.50 Ea.
Lime Green Kids Stool Rental:$5.75 Ea.Blue Kids Plastic Table Rental:$17.50Blue Kids Plastic Chair Rental:$2.00 Ea.Red Kids Plastic Chair Rental:$2.00 Ea.Pink Candy Tree Prop Rental:$125.00
Truffula Tree Rental:$50.00 Ea.