Dinosaur Prop Rentals
Lifesize Baby T-Rex Prop Rental:$400.00Orange Pterodactly Statue Rental:$50.00Triceratops Prop Decor Rental: $75.00 21.4''x38.4''x28.9''Hanging Pterodactyl Decor Rental: $35.00 Ea. Brontosaurus Decor Rental: $35.00 Ea.
Triceratops Decor Rental: $35.00 Ea.Eggshells Set of 3 Prop    Rental:$ 100.00/setTree Stump Decor Rental: $3.00 Ea.  D5.5'' x10-12'' tallBrontosaurus Head Prop Rental:$125.00 16'' tall x 10'' wide x 17'' LongTriceratops Skull Statue Rental:$100.00 10.5'' wide x 17'' deep x 23'' tall/ Resin/Metal stand/table top item
Baby Bronto Egg Prop Rental:$ 25.75
Dinosaur rentalsBaby T- Rex Egg Prop Rental:$25.75
Dinosaur rentals Raptor Skeleton Decor Rental:$25.00Wood Box Decor Rental:$8.00Willow Leaf Overlay Linen Rental:$25.00
Stegosaurus Statue Prop Rental:$200.00Iguanodont Statue Prop Rental:$150.00
Dinosaur prop rentalsT-Rex statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Dinosaur prop rentals Long neck Prop Rental:$200.00
dinosaur prop rentals
Dinosaur Party Rentals & Props
Dinosaur prop rentals Dinosaur prop Rentals Smooth 3 tier wood Rental:$12.75Brontosaurus Greenery Box Centerpiece Rental:$ 45.00Triceratops Greenery Box Centerpiece Rental:$45.00
Dinosaur prop Rentals
Jurassic world prop Rentals  : dinosaur prop rentals/ dinosaur partyDInosaur prop rentals 
Dinosaur statue rentals
dinosaur prop rentals/ dinosaur partyT-Rex Centerpiece Rental:$45.00Dinosaur statue prop rentals
Stegosaurus Centerpiece Rental:$45.00Dinosaur Prop RentalsDinosaur Party Rentals : dinosaur prop rentals/ dinosaur party
Acrylic Drink 4 Tier Fountain Rental:$45.00
Leaf Topper Mat Decor Rental:$5.50 Ea.T-Rex Skeleton Rental:$150.00
Dinosaur prop rentalTriceratops Skeleton Rental:$40.00
Dinosaur prop rentalT-Rex Egg Prop statue Rental:$50.00 Height 35.43''xwidth 25.68''
Dinosaur prop rentalAllosaurus Statue Rental:$800.00
Dinosaur prop rentals
T-rex Statue Rental:$150.00
Dinosaur prop statue rentalsBlue Dinosaur prop Rental:$250.00
resin/Size: 76 x 4 x 48 H"
must be delivered/not available for client pickup/one sided 3D/flat black back
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jurassic world prop rentals
Dinosaur prop rentalsBlue Dinosaur statue Rental:$800.00Baby Dinosaur Raptor statue Rental:$150.00Pterandon statue prop Rental:$400.00