Circus    Carnival        Prop Rentals
Welcome to the Circus Sign  Rental: $35.00Hot Dog Cart Rental: $100.00Cotton Candy Bubble Top  Rental: $100.00Cotton Candy Cart Rental: $75.008 Oz Popcorn Cart Rental: $150.00
Snow Cone Cart Rental: $75.00Red Rollie Cold drinks Cooler  
Rental:$ 75.00Pink Rollie Cold Drinks Cooler   
 Rental: $75.00Welcome to the Carnival Directional Sign Rental: $15.00Circus Horse Backdrop wall Rental: $50.00 Ea.
Circus Net Canopy Rental: $ 15.00Circus Kids Tent Rental: $ 15.75 Ea. Wild Animal Circus Banner 
Rental: $45.00Circus Elephant Hanging Banner  Rental: $45.00Carnival Scene Setter backdrop Rental: $100.00 (with stands) or wire rope
Multi Color Hanging Backdrop Rental: $15.75Greatest Show on earth Tin Sign  Rental: $8.50Red Face Painting Canvas  banner Rental:$6.75Canvas Face Painting sign banner Rental: $6.00Fishing For Treasure Carnival Banner Rental: $ 15.00 Strong Man Cutout Canvas Carnival Banner Rental: $15.00
Games Canvas Sign Rental: $6.00Popcorn Canvas Sign Rental: $6.00Vinage Games wood Sign
 Rental: $10.50Circus FolkWood sign Decor 
Rental: $15.50Carnival Canvas banner Rental: $8.00
Hot Dog Vinyl Banner Rental: $6.00Multi Color Pennant banner Rental:$7.00Train set & Train Tracks Rental: $45.00Circus Table top Elephant decor 
Rental: $7.00 ea. Tin solider toy Decor Rental: $ 8.50
Coka Cola Ring toss Game  
Rental:$ 12.75Wood Train Bear set decor 
Rental: $ 75.00Fish Bowl Game Rental: $ 6.00Tip A Troll Carnival Game Rental: 40.00Giraffe Neck Head Decor  Rental:$50.00
Ticket Booth Decor Rental: $ 150.00Ringmaster Standee Rental: $30.00Circus Clown Standee Rental: $35.00Circus Panda Standee Rental: $ 35.00Gift area Photobooth Setup
Big Bertha Glass Jar Decor  Rental:$10.00Vintage Circus Clapping Monkey decor Rental: $ 15.00Vintage Jolly Monkey decor  Rental: $ 20.00Metal spinner top Decor Rental: $8.50Jack in the box decor Rental:$ 8.00
Bear in the Box decor Rental: $8.00Monkey in the Box decor Rental: $ 8.00Jester in the Box decor Retnal:$ 8.00Vinage Jack in the Box Decor
 Rental:$ 10.50Charlie Jack in the Box Decor Rental:$10.00
Tin Drum Decor Fao Rental: $ 7.00Tin Elephant Decor Rental: $ 8.00Show Elephant Table top Decor Rental: $12.75Large table top Circus Elephant   
Rental: $ 25.75Clown Head Decor Rental: $50.00 Small Round Table Rental: $25.00
Harry the Clown Doll Decor Rental: $ 8.75Happy the Clown Decor Rental: $8.00Large Clown Doll decor Rental: $10.75Red Hot air Balloon Decor Rental: $25.00Blue Hot Air Balloon decor Retnal: $25.00
Multi color Hot air Balloon Decor Rental: $25.00 Pastel yellow Hot air balloon decor Rental: $25.00Circus Stackable Boxes decor Rental:$40.00ABC Wood Block Decor Rental:$ Vintage tabletop Gumball machine Decor Rental: 10.00
Bubble Machine rental: $25.00Wood Ferris Wheel Decor Rental: $40.00Plush Carousel decor Rental:$10.00Milk Jug toss game rental:$25.00Patato sack Race game rental: $ 2.50
Elephant Inflatable Rental: $ 100.00Large Plush Giraffe Rental: $ 45.00Giraffe Plush Rental: $ 25.00Tiger Plush Decor Rental: $40.00Camel Plush Decor Rental: $ 40.00
Bear Plush Decor Rental: $ 50.00Circus Pony Prop Rental: $50.00Elephant Ride on prop Rental: $27.75Circus Dream Canopy Rental:$15.00 Ea.Pastel Blue Canopy Rental:$15.75
Rainbow Backdrop Rental:$13.00 Ea.Table Top Tent Rental: $15.00 Ea. Large Hot Air balloon Prop Rental:$25.00Jumbo Asst. Polkadot Pinwheel Rentals:$5.00 Ea.Large Plush Circus Ringling Decor Elephant Rental: $ 25.00
Circus Tent Reversible Decor Rental: $25.00Red Vintage Arrow Plaque Rental: $12.75Exit way out Sign Rental:$15.75Table top Musical Carousel Decor Rental: $60.00Multi Color Plastic Cones set of 4  Rental: $3.00/set
Individual Tent Rental: $50.00 Ea. 81'' Tall x 47'' Wide 47'' DepthWelcome to the Carnival Photo op Standee Rental: $ 45.75Circus Mini Tent Table top Decor  Rental:$ 15.00Bozo Cupcake Tier Rental: $ 15.75Vintage Circus Tin Drum Decor  Rental: $8.50
Clown Metal Spinner Decor 
Rental: $ 8.50Circus Clown Cup decor Rental: $7.50Circus Elephant Bowl Decor  
Rental:$ 7.50Snow Cone Machine Table top 
 Rental: $ 35.00Mini Popcorn Machine Cart Decor Only Rental:$15.00
Circus Cake Table Animal Decor  Rental: $15.50 Setvanilla Swirl Ice Cream Cone Rental: $25.00Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cone Rental:$ 25.00 Ea. Metal Hot air balloon Decor  Rental: $ 25.00Stanchion Red Velvet Ropes Rental: $100.00
Giant Jester Decor Rental: $75.00Blue Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00Rainbow Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00Golden Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00Blonde Trapeze Bust Rental: $ 30.00
Carousel Plush set Decor Rental: $ 7.00Medium Sized Popcorn Tub  
Rental:.75 Ea.Mustard & Ketchup bottle Rental: $3.50Multi Color Plastic Food baskets asst Color Rental: 1.75 Ea. Hot Dog Holders Rental: $1.00 Ea.
Set of 5 piece Milk bottle toss game Rental: $ 10.25Hanging Bean Bag Toss game   Rental: $ 10.00Balloon Dart Game Rental: $15.75Dog Bunny & Gorilla Bean Bag toss Game Rental:$25.75Bean bag toss Circus Game   Rental: $12.00
Clown Bean Bag Toss Game   Rental: $10.00Bowl Em Over Vintage Sign Rental: $8.5012 Piece Bowling Set Rental: $ 10.00Small Duck Pond Pool Rental: $8.75Fishing Duck game Rental: $ 12.75
Raffle Drum Rental: $35.00Blue Kids Plastic Chair Rental: $3.00 Ea.Red Kids Plastic Chair Rental: $3.00 Ea.Blue Kids Plastic table Rental: $18.50 Ea.Lime Green Kids Table Rental: $18.50 Ea
Multi Color Umbrella Only Rental:$15.75 Ea.Red Market Canvas Umbrella Only Rental: $ 25.00Lime Green Canvas Umbrella Only Rental: $ 25.00Yellow Canvas Umbrella Only  Rental: $25.00Carnival Game area
Yellow Tin Cupcake Tier Holder Rental:$35.00Vintage Wood Circus wagon 
Rental: $15.00Bear Balloon Centerpiece Rental: $35.00Vintage Balloon Clown Rental: $25.00
Clown Plush Doll Decor Rental:$10.00Individual Tent Rental: $50.00 Available in Green and white Stripes Or Blue and white stripes 81'' tall Fortune Teller Animated Ball Rental:$50.00Crystal Ball Decor Rental: $ 20.00Vintage Lion Statue Rental:$25.00
Vintage Tiger Statue Rental:$25.00Vintage Zebra Statue Rental:$25.00Vintage Giraffe Statue Rental:$25.00Vintage Celebrate Clown Decor 
 Rental: $11.00Vintage Inspired Luggage prop  
Rental: $25.00
Vintage Accordian Decor Rental: $ 15.00 Vintage Trumpet Decor Rental: $10.00 Vintage Wood Dice Decor Box  
Rental:$ 8.00Blue Prop Frame Rental: $ 6.75Carnival Marquee Sign Rental:$75.00Hot Air Balloon Free Standing Rental:$50.00Star Pillow Rental:$17.75 Ea.
Bazooka tin Sign Rental:$8.75Asst Oversized Clown Hat  Rental: $1.50 Ea. Asst. color Clown Bollar hat Rental:$3.00 Ea.Black Top Hat Prop Rental: $2.50 ea. Multi Color Clown wig  Rental:$4.75 Ea.
Blue Color Clown wig  Rental:$4.75 Ea.Oversized Clown Glasses Rental:$1.25 Ea.Clown Nose Shades Rental:$4.00Oversized Clown tie Rental:$2.00 Ea.Ganal's Amazing Magic Show Tel (951) 413-9515
Circus Folk Wood Sign prop Rental:$12.50 Faux Dumbell prop Rental:$7.50 Fire Ring Prop Rental:$9.50The Great Circus Giraffe Frame Rental:$8.75Vintage inspired Fresh Popcorn Frame  Rental:$8.75Lionel the Ringmaster Decor Rental:$15.75Sammy the Clown Decor Rental:$15.00
Winslow the Laughing Lion Decor Rental:$15.75
Seal Life size Prop Rental:$115.00Tiger cub Statue Prop Rental:$100.00Aqua Marquee Light Rental:$10.00White Marquee Light Rental:$10.00
Red Beige Parasol Decor  Rental:$15.75 Ea.Mint Green Hot Air Balloon Decor Rental:$45.00Pastel Circus Box Rental:$28.75 Circus Lifesize Lion Plush Rental:$25.00
Pastel Lollipop Popcorn Centerpiece decor Rental:$50.00 Ea. Petite Carousel Horse Rental:$125.00Carousel Banner backdrop Rental:$50.00 Hot Air balloon haning Decor Rental:$45.00
Pastel Circus Directional Sign Rental:$25.00Pink Velvet Chair Rental:$40.00Large Rose Carousel Decor Rental:$35.00Plush Horse on Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00Medium Swan Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00
Carousel Rabbit Decor Rental:$50.00Mother Goose Decor Rental:$75.00Gold Ferris wheel Decor Rental:$40.00
Medium Size Circus Attire Plush Animal  Rental:$15.75 Ea.
Red & White Vintage Backdrop Rental:$70.00Starlight Circus Backdrop Rental:$80.00Zebra Plush life size prop Rental:$200.00
45" L x 12" W x 51" H Zebra life size Prop Rental:$ 200.00
Circus Lights Rug Rental:$30.00Baby Elephant Inflatable Prop Rental:$45.00Standing Tiger Prop Rental:$175.00Ostrich Prop Rental:$50.00Life Size Giraffe Prop Rental:$400.00
Life size Baby Elephant Prop Rental:$200.00Sum Camel Prop Rental:$75.00Clown Wood Standee Rental:$40.00 Giraffe Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75 Lion Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75Elephant Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75 Camel Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75Circus Bear Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75
Seal Plush with attire Rental:$15.75 Gold Candy Holder Rental:$12.00 Gold 3 tier candy Holder Rental:$15.753 Tier Yellow Holder Rental:$35.00 Dumbo Figure Rental:$12.75Dumbo Container Decor Rental:$15.75
Dumbo Jumbo Jar Decor Rental:$40.00 Tim the Mouse Decor Rental:$15.00 Wood Rope Spool Rental:$5.00 Solider Drum Decor Rental:$8.75 Ea/ Train Set of 3 Decor Rental:$15.00Circus Animal Rental Elephant Lifesize Baby Prop:$200.00 Laying Tiger Prop Rental:$115.00 Sum Camel Plush Rental:$75.00 Circus Star Marquee 24'' tall Rental:$40.00 Circus Tin Drum Stool Rental:$30.00 Ea.  Wood Circus Banner Rental:$35.00 Starlight Circus Backdrop Rental:$80.00 Gold Ferris Wheel Prop Rental:$40.00Circus Animal Rentals Life size animal statue rentalsLife size Circus Tiger Rental
Red & White Umbrella Rental
Strongman Table Decor Rental: $18.75
Ringmaster Statue Rental:$50.00
Red Circus Bike Decor Rental:$60.00
Train Luggage Prop Rental:$25.00Gems Hot Air Balloon Decor Rental:$75.00Circus Bear Plush Decor Rental:$45.00
 : Circus Party Rentals5 Cent Gumball tin Rental:$5.00Petite Gold Cupcake tier Rental:$15.75
Red Circus Plane Decor Rental:$18.50Strong Man Decor Rental:$18.50Yellow Vintage circus Plane Rental:$14.75Gold Ferris Wheel 4 ft Decor Rental:$100.00Standing Baby Tiger Cub Rental:$80.00
Giant Yellow Cupcake Statue Rental:$100.00Life Size Circus Panda Prop Rental:$200.00Giraffe Carousel Prop Rental:$300.00Petit Carousel Horse Decor Rental:$100.00Old Vintage Scalloped Carousel Horse Prop Decorative Rental:$100.00
Vintage Rose Pearls Carousel Horse Rental:$95.00Paste Circus Directional Sign Rental:$25.00Pastel Ticket Booth Stand Rental:$95.00Circus Base Decor Rental:$100.00Gold Face Decor Rental:$120.00
Black & White Umbrella Decor Rental:$25.00Single Popcorn container rental:$1.00 eaLarge popcorn container rental:$1.00 ea
8.75 in. wideCircus Podium Rental $50.00 Ea.Gold Ferris Wheel Rental:$100.00
Carousel Swan Decor Rental:$50.00 Carousel Swan Large Decor Rental:$75.00Rabbit Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00 Unicorn Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00Petite Carousel Horse Rental:$100.00Pastel ABC block decor  Rental:$50.00 Each
Pink Feather Carousel Horse Decor Rental:$35.00Blue Table top Carousel Horse Rental:$35.00Cotton Candy Carousel Horse Rental:$35.00Clear front table Transparent Plexiglass Rental:$150.00Black licorice Haribo Candy wheels www.candywarehouse.com
Come one Come all ticket wood sign Rental:$20.00Custom labels by www.icustomlabel.comCarousel themed baby shower
Carousel themed EventCarousel Prop Rental: $95.00Circus themed event
Carnival themed Prop RentalsRoyal Horse Prop Statue Rental:$400.00Clown Statue Rental:$400.00Toy Drum Statue Rental:$200.00
Circus Drum statue Rental:$200.00
Dayna Devon  To view rental pricing please click on the product picture for special details. Rent items individually as priced. We also offer packages that you will find down below.   just click on the icon "Circus Carnival Rental Packages."
Gold Silver Circus Drum decor Rental:$50.00