Circus    Carnival        Prop Rentals
Welcome to the Circus Sign  Rental: $35.00Cotton Candy Bubble Top  Rental: $100.008 Oz Popcorn Cart Rental: $150.00Snow Cone Cart Rental: $75.00Red Rollie Cold drinks Cooler  
Rental:$ 105.00
Pink Rollie Cold Drinks Cooler   
 Rental: $105.00Welcome to the Carnival Directional Sign Rental: $15.00Circus Horse Backdrop wall Rental: $50.00 Ea. Circus Net Canopy Rental: $ 15.00Circus Kids Tent Rental: $ 15.75 Ea.
Wild Animal Circus Banner 
Rental: $45.00Circus Elephant Hanging Banner  Rental: $45.00Carnival Scene Setter backdrop Rental: $100.00 (with stands) or wire ropeMulti Color Hanging Backdrop Rental: $15.75Greatest Show on earth Tin Sign  Rental: $9.50
Red Face Painting Canvas  banner Rental:$6.75Canvas Face Painting sign banner Rental: $8.00Fishing For Treasure Carnival Banner Rental: $ 15.00 Strong Man Cutout Canvas Carnival Banner Rental: $15.00Games Canvas Sign Rental: $8.00Popcorn Canvas Sign Rental: $8.00
Vinage Games wood Sign
 Rental: $10.50Circus FolkWood sign Decor 
Rental: $15.50Carnival Canvas banner Rental: $10.00Hot Dog Vinyl Banner Rental: $6.00Multi Color Pennant banner Rental:$7.00
Train set & Train Tracks Rental: $45.00Circus Table top Elephant decor 
Rental: $7.00 ea. Tin solider toy Decor Rental: $ 8.50Coka Cola Ring toss Game  
Rental:$ 12.75Wood Train Bear set decor 
Rental: $ 75.00
Fish Bowl Game Rental: $ 6.00Tip A Troll Carnival Game Rental: 40.00Giraffe Neck Head Decor  Rental:$50.00Ticket Booth Decor Rental: $ 150.00Ringmaster Standee Rental: $35.00
Circus Clown Standee Rental: $35.00Circus Panda Standee Rental: $ 35.00Gift area Photobooth SetupBig Bertha Glass Jar Decor  Rental:$10.00Vintage Circus Clapping Monkey decor Rental: $ 15.00
Vintage Jolly Monkey decor  Rental: $ 20.00Metal spinner top Decor Rental: $8.50Jack in the box decor Rental:$ 10.00Bear in the Box decor Rental: $10.00Monkey in the Box decor Rental: $ 10.00
Jester in the Box decor Retnal:$ 10.00Vinage Jack in the Box Decor
 Rental:$ 15.50Charlie Jack in the Box Decor Rental:$15.50Tin Drum Decor Fao Rental: $ 8.00Tin Elephant Decor Rental: $ 8.00
Show Elephant Table top Decor Rental: $15.75Large table top Circus Elephant   
Rental: $ 25.75Clown Head Decor Rental: $50.00 Small Round Table Rental: $25.00Harry the Clown Doll Decor 
Rental: $9.75Happy the Clown Decor Rental:$8.00
Large Clown Doll decor Rental: $10.75Red Hot air Balloon Decor Rental: $25.00Blue Hot Air Balloon decor Retnal: $25.00Multi color Hot air Balloon Decor Rental: $25.00 Pastel yellow Hot air balloon decor Rental: $25.00
Circus Stackable Boxes decor Rental:$40.00ABC Wood Block Decor Rental:$ Vintage tabletop Gumball machine Decor Rental: 10.00Bubble Machine rental: $25.00Wood Ferris Wheel Decor Rental: $40.00
Plush Carousel decor Rental:$15.00Milk Jug toss game rental:$25.00Patato sack Race game rental: $ 4.50Elephant Inflatable Rental: $ 100.00Large Plush Giraffe Rental: $ 45.00
Giraffe Plush Rental: $ 25.00Tiger Plush Decor Rental: $40.00Camel Plush Decor Rental: $ 40.00Bear Plush Decor Rental: $ 50.00Circus Pony Prop Rental: $50.00
Elephant Ride on prop Rental: $27.75Circus Dream Canopy Rental:$15.00 Ea.Pastel Blue Canopy Rental:$15.75Rainbow Backdrop Rental:$13.00 Ea.Table Top Tent Rental: $15.00 Ea.
Large Hot Air balloon Prop Rental:$25.00Jumbo Asst. Polkadot Pinwheel Rentals:$5.00 Ea.Large Plush Circus Ringling Decor Elephant Rental: $ 25.00Circus Tent Reversible Decor Rental: $25.00Red Vintage Arrow Plaque Rental: $12.75
Exit way out Sign Rental:$15.75Table top Musical Carousel Decor Rental: $60.00Multi Color Plastic Cones set of 4  Rental: $3.00/setIndividual Tent Rental: $50.00 Ea. 81'' Tall x 47'' Wide 47'' DepthWelcome to the Carnival Photo op Standee Rental: $ 45.75
Circus Mini Tent Table top Decor  Rental:$ 15.00Bozo Cupcake Tier Rental: $ 15.75Vintage Circus Tin Drum Decor  Rental: $8.50Clown Metal Spinner Decor 
Rental: $ 8.50Circus Clown Cup decor Rental: $7.50
Circus Elephant Bowl Decor  
Rental:$ 7.50Snow Cone Machine Table top 
 Rental: $ 35.00Mini Popcorn Machine Cart Decor Only Rental:$15.00Circus Cake Table Animal Decor  Rental: $15.50 Setvanilla Swirl Ice Cream Cone Rental: $25.00
Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cone Rental:$ 25.00 Ea. Metal Hot air balloon Decor  Rental: $ 25.00Stanchion Red Velvet Ropes Rental: $100.00Giant Jester Decor Rental: $75.00Blue Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00
Rainbow Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00Golden Trapeze Bust Rental: $30.00Blonde Trapeze Bust Rental: $ 30.00Carousel Plush set Decor 
Rental: $ 15.00Medium Sized Popcorn Tub  
Rental:$1.75 Ea.
Mustard & Ketchup bottle Rental: $3.50Multi Color Plastic Food baskets asst Color Rental: 1.75 Ea. Hot Dog Holders Rental: $1.00 Ea. Set of 5 piece Milk bottle toss game Rental: $ 10.25Hanging Bean Bag Toss game   Rental: $ 12.00
Balloon Dart Game Rental: $15.75Dog Bunny & Gorilla Bean Bag toss Game Rental:$25.75Bean bag toss Circus Game   Rental: $12.00Clown Bean Bag Toss Game   Rental: $12.00Bowl Em Over Vintage Sign Rental: $8.50
12 Piece Bowling Set Rental: $ 15.00Small Duck Pond Pool Rental: $18.75Fishing Duck game Rental: $ 18.75Raffle Drum Rental: $35.00Blue Kids Plastic Chair Rental: $3.50 Ea.
Red Kids Plastic Chair Rental: $3.50 Ea.Blue Kids Plastic table Rental: $18.75 Ea.Lime Green Kids Table Rental: $18.575EaMulti Color Umbrella Only Rental:$15.75 Ea.Red Market Canvas Umbrella Only Rental: $ 35.00
Lime Green Canvas Umbrella Only Rental: $ 35.00Yellow Canvas Umbrella Only  Rental: $35.00Carnival Game areaYellow Tin Cupcake Tier Holder Rental:$35.00
Vintage Wood Circus wagon 
Rental: $15.00Bear Balloon Centerpiece Rental: $35.00Vintage Balloon Clown Rental: $25.00Clown Plush Doll Decor Rental:$10.00Individual Tent Rental: $50.00 Available in Green and white Stripes Or Blue and white stripes 81'' tall
Fortune Teller Animated Ball Rental:$50.00Crystal Ball Decor Rental: $ 20.00Vintage Lion Statue Rental:$35.00Vintage Tiger Statue Rental:$35.00Vintage Zebra Statue Rental:$35.00
Vintage Giraffe Statue Rental:$35.00Vintage Celebrate Clown Decor 
 Rental: $11.00Vintage Inspired Luggage prop  
Rental: $25.00Vintage Accordian Decor Rental: $ 15.00 Vintage Trumpet Decor Rental: $10.00 Vintage Wood Dice Decor Box  
Rental:$ 8.00Blue Prop Frame Rental: $ 6.75
Carnival Marquee Sign Rental:$75.00Hot Air Balloon Free Standing Rental:$50.00Star Pillow Rental:$18.75 Ea.Bazooka tin Sign Rental:$8.75Asst Oversized Clown Hat  Rental: $3.50 Ea.
Asst. color Clown Bollar hat Rental:$3.50 Ea.Black Top Hat Prop Rental: $5.50 ea. Multi Color Clown wig  Rental:$4.75 Ea.Blue Color Clown wig  Rental:$4.75 Ea.Oversized Clown Glasses Rental:$1.25 Ea.
Clown Nose Shades Rental:$4.00Oversized Clown tie Rental:$2.00 Ea.Ganal's Amazing Magic Show Tel (951) 413-9515Circus Folk Wood Sign prop Rental:$12.50 Faux Dumbell prop Rental:$7.50 Fire Ring Prop Rental:$9.50The Great Circus Giraffe Frame Rental:$8.75
Vintage inspired Fresh Popcorn Frame  Rental:$8.75Lionel the Ringmaster Decor Rental:$15.75Sammy the Clown Decor Rental:$15.00Winslow the Laughing Lion Decor Rental:$15.75
Seal Life size Prop Rental:$115.00Tiger cub Statue Prop Rental:$100.00
Aqua Marquee Light Rental:$10.00White Marquee Light Rental:$10.00Red Beige Parasol Decor  Rental:$15.75 Ea.Mint Green Hot Air Balloon Decor Rental:$45.00
Pastel Circus Box Rental:$28.75 Circus Lifesize Lion Plush Rental:$25.00Pastel Lollipop Popcorn Centerpiece decor Rental:$50.00 Ea.
 Petite Carousel Horse Rental:$125.00Carousel Banner backdrop Rental:$50.00 Hot Air balloon haning Decor Rental:$45.00Pastel Circus Directional Sign Rental:$25.00Pink Velvet Chair Rental:$40.00
Large Rose Carousel Decor Rental:$35.00Plush Horse on Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00Medium Swan Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00Carousel Rabbit Decor Rental:$50.00Mother Goose Decor Rental:$75.00
Gold Ferris wheel Decor Rental:$45.00
Medium Size Circus Attire Plush Animal  Rental:$15.75 Ea.Red & White Vintage Backdrop Rental:$70.00
Starlight Circus Backdrop Rental:$80.00Zebra Plush life size prop Rental:$200.00
45" L x 12" W x 51" H Zebra life size Prop Rental:$ 200.00Circus Lights Rug Rental:$30.00Baby Elephant Inflatable Prop Rental:$45.00
Standing Tiger Prop Rental:$175.00Ostrich Prop Rental:$50.00Life Size Giraffe Prop Rental:$400.00Life size Baby Elephant Prop Rental:$200.00Sum Camel Prop Rental:$75.00
Clown Wood Standee Rental:$40.00 Giraffe Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75 Lion Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75Elephant Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75 Camel Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75Circus Bear Plush with Attire Rental:$15.75Seal Plush with attire Rental:$15.75 Gold Candy Holder Rental:$12.00 Gold 3 tier candy Holder Rental:$15.75
3 Tier Yellow Holder Rental:$35.00 Dumbo Figure Rental:$12.75Dumbo Container Decor Rental:$15.75Dumbo Jumbo Jar Decor Rental:$40.00 Tim the Mouse Decor Rental:$15.00 Wood Rope Spool Rental:$5.00 Solider Drum Decor Rental:$8.75 Ea/ Train Set of 3 Decor Rental:$15.00Circus Animal Rental Elephant Lifesize Baby Prop:$200.00 Laying Tiger Prop Rental:$115.00 Sum Camel Plush Rental:$75.00 Circus Star Marquee 24'' tall Rental:$40.00 Circus Tin Drum Stool Rental:$30.00 Ea.  Wood Circus Banner Rental:$35.00 Starlight Circus Backdrop Rental:$80.00 Gold Ferris Wheel Prop Rental:$40.00
Circus Animal Rentals Life size animal statue rentalsLife size Circus Tiger Rental
Red & White Umbrella Rental
Strongman Table Decor Rental: $18.75Ringmaster Statue Rental:$50.00
Red Circus Bike Decor Rental:$60.00
Train Luggage Prop Rental:$25.00Gems Hot Air Balloon Decor Rental:$75.00Circus Bear Plush Decor Rental:$45.00 : Circus Party Rentals
5 Cent Gumball tin Rental:$5.00Petite Gold Cupcake tier Rental:$15.75Red Circus Plane Decor Rental:$18.50Strong Man Decor Rental:$18.50
Yellow Vintage circus Plane Rental:$14.75Standing Baby Tiger Cub Rental:$80.00Giant Yellow Cupcake Statue Rental:$100.00Life Size Circus Panda Prop Rental:$200.00Giraffe Carousel Prop Rental:$300.00
Petit Carousel Horse Decor Rental:$100.00Old Vintage Scalloped Carousel Horse Prop Decorative Rental:$100.00Vintage Rose Pearls Carousel Horse Rental:$95.00Paste Circus Directional Sign Rental:$25.00Pastel Ticket Booth Stand Rental:$95.00
Circus Base Decor Rental:$100.00Gold Face Decor Rental:$120.00Black & White Umbrella Decor Rental:$25.00Single Popcorn container rental:$1.00 eaLarge popcorn container rental:$1.00 ea
8.75 in. wide
Circus Podium Rental $50.00 Ea.Gold Ferris Wheel Rental:$100.00Carousel Swan Decor Rental:$50.00 Carousel Swan Large Decor Rental:$75.00Rabbit Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00 Unicorn Carousel Decor Rental:$50.00
Petite Carousel Horse Rental:$100.00Pastel ABC block decor  Rental:$50.00 EachPink Feather Carousel Horse Decor Rental:$35.00Blue Table top Carousel Horse Rental:$35.00Cotton Candy Carousel Horse Rental:$35.00
Clear front table Transparent Plexiglass Rental:$150.00Black licorice Haribo Candy wheels www.candywarehouse.comCome one Come all ticket wood sign Rental:$20.00Custom labels by www.icustomlabel.com
Carousel themed baby showerCarousel themed EventCarousel Prop Rental: $95.00
Circus themed eventCarnival themed Prop RentalsGold Ferris Wheel 4 ft Decor Rental:$100.00Gold Ferris Wheel table top Rental:$45.00 ea.
Pink Ferris Wheel dessert stand Rental:$50.00 ea.White Ferris Wheel Prop Rental:$300.00Royal Horse Prop Statue Rental:$400.00Clown Statue Rental:$400.00
Toy Drum Statue Rental:$200.00Circus Drum statue Rental:$200.00Red glitter small drum decor Rental:$25.00Red glitter Large drum decor
Rental:$35.00Metal Hot air Balloon Decor 
Rental:$45.00 Each
Circus Elephant Decor Rental:$75.00Circus Horse Decor Rental:$75.00Circus Lion Ringmaster Decor Rental:$25.00