Candyland Willy Wonka Prop Rentals

Large Strawberry Heart Cupcake Rental:$15.00Large Heart Cupcake Decor Rental:$15.00Flower Cupcake Decor Rental: $ 15.00Strawberry Ice Cream Decor  Rental: $ 25.00 Ea.
Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Decor Rental: $ 25.00Tripple Scoop Ice Cream Decor   Rental: $30.00Cupcake stool Decor Rental: $45.00 Ea. Cupcake Frame Decor Rental: $8.75
Small Double Layer Cupcake Table Rental: $50.00Sundae Scoop Decor Rental: $8.50 Ea. Hesheys Candy Decor Rental: $ 10.75 Ea. Pink Plastic kids Table Rental: $ 25.00
Asst Color Gummy Bear Decor Rental:$ 10.00 Ea. Large Cupcake Table Decor Rental: $ 50.00Asst. Lollipop Pastel Swirl  Rental:$ 7.50 Ea.Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Pillow Decor Rental: $ 13.00
Large Kiss Plush Decor Rental:$13.00Dubble Bubble Plush Decor  
Rental: $ 13.00Skittles Pillow Decor Rental:$13.00Giant Lifesavers Decor Rental: $ 50.00
Giant Ice Cream Sundae prop  Rental: $85.00 Candyland Backdrop Rental: $85.00 comes w 2 stands/rod/ 3 clipsValentine Candy Hearts Set  Rental:  $50.00Pastel Swirl Peppermint Candy set Rental: $ 45.00
Jumbo Kiss Candy Rental:$9.75 Ea.Gumdrops set of 5 decor Rental: $60.00Jumbo Jelly Belly Prop  Rental:$20.00 Ea.Jumbo Jelly Belly Blue Prop Rental:$20.00 Ea.
Small Strawberry ice cream decor Rental:$6.75 Ea.Hersheys Strawberry Syrup  decor Rental: $10.00Hamburger Prop Decor Rental:$50.00California Roll Prop Rental:$50.00
Shrimp Sushi Prop Rental:$25.00Egg Sushi Prop Rental:$25.00Giant Take Out Rental:$20.00Corn Decor Rental:$50.00
Bread Prop Rental:$50.00Peppermint Candycane holder Rental:$10.75 Ea.Resses Chocolate Bar   Rental:$10.50 Ea.Giant Cherry Decor Rental:$75.00 Ea.
Chocolate candy Prop Rental:$60.00 Ea.Giant Peppermint Candy Stick Rental:$25.00 Ea.Lifesize Lollipop Rental:$200.00 Ea.Jumbo Strawberry Milkshake prop Rental:$300.00
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup  Rental:$10.00 EaGingerbread House Prop Stand Rental:$75.00 Color Patch Boards Rental:$26.75 Set of (5 squares) plastic/boardWonka Bar Prop Rental: $50.00 Wonka's Golden Ticket Prop Rental:$45.00Cake on Cake Tier Decor Rental:$60.00
Willy Wonka Candyland Event : Candyland prop rental/ candyland party : Candyland prop rental/ candyland partyCandyland Party Rentals
 : Candyland prop rental/ candyland partyCandyland Candy Arch RentalSmall Pink Cupcake Rental:$50.00Chocolate Cupcake Prop Rental:$100.00
Jumbo Yellow Cupcake Rental:$100.00 Jumbo Pink Cupcake Rental:$100.00Jumbo Blue Cupcake Rental:$100.00Jumbo Vanilla Cupcake Statue Rental:$100.00
Rainbow Ice Cream Rental:$400.00Mint Ice Cream Prop Rental:$120.00 Ea.Pink Ice Cream Statue Rental:$120.00Strawberry Donut Prop Rental:$25.00
Mint Donut Prop Rental:$25.00Chocolate Donut Prop Rental:$25.00Pink Candy Tree Rental $ 195.00Pink Berry Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00
Lime & Lemon Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00Giant Strawberry Donut Prop Rental:$85.00 Vanilla Parisan Ice Cream Statue Rental:$300.00Jumbo Rainbow Ice Cream Statue Prop Rental:$500.00
Giant Red Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsGiant Blue Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00Giant Yellow Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00Clear Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentals
Jumbo Gumdrop Decor Rental:$40.00 Each  Gummy Bear Rental:$10.00 EachWilly Wonka Pumpkin Decor Rental:$13.00 EachCandyland party rentals Willy wonka party rentals candyland prop rentalsDonut Statue Prop Rental:$85.00 Ea.
candyland prop rentals
Pink Donut Stand Prop Rental:$125.00White Donut Stand Prop Rental:$125.00Ice Cream Bench Prop Rental:$800.00Tall Sundae Prop Rental:$500.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentals
Gummy Bear Statue Rental:$300.00Orange Gummy Bear prop Statue Rental:$150.00
Size: 34 X 18 X 40 H"/ Resin/ Candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals  candyland statue rentals Yellow Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$150.00
Size: 34 X 18 X 40 H"/ Resin/ Candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals  candyland statue rentals Green Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$150.00
Purple Gummy Bear statue Prop Rental:$150.00 EachCandyland Prop Rentals Candyland Party  Candyland Party RentalsIce cream table set of 5 rental:$2,000.00Gingerbread Teenage Girl Statue Rental:$175.00 Chocolate Truffle Rental:$60.00 Each
Gingerbread cookie BABY statue Rental:$150.00Gingerbread cookie Boy statue Rental:$150.00Candy Cane Prop Rental:$250.00Red candy cane statue rental:$300.00
Small Candy cane statue rental:$150.00 Size: 18 x 12 x 48 H"/ResinSwirly Candy Cane statue Rental:$150.00Vanilla ice cream statue rental:$120.00
candyland prop rentals willy wonka statue rentals Pink chocolate truffle rental:$60.00
Blue chocolate truffle rental:$60.00Rock candy stick statue rental:$175.00Lollipop candy statue rental:$200.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsDouble Cherry statue rental:$150.00
Silver Cupcake statue Rental:$115.00Gold Cupcake statue Rental:$115.00Chocolate Sprinkles cupcake prop Rental:$150.00Laffy Taffy Stool Prop Rental:$200.00 Size: 24 X 20 X 18 H"/Resin
candyland prop rentals
candy prop rentals
candyland willy wonka prop statue rentals
Fruity Marshmallow Stool Statue Rental:$250.00 Size: 37 X 16 X 18 H"
willy wonka prop statue rentals
candyland party prop rentalsChocolate wrapped candy statue Rental:$150.00 Size: 46 x 16 x 17 H"/ResinSprinkle Ice Cream decor Rental:$40.00 Pink whirly lollipop Prop Rental:$225.00
Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"/ resin/ candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals candy statue rentals candyland props
Jumbo Pastel Blue Cupcake Statue Rental:$300.00Pastel Pink Chocolate Cupcake Statue Rental:$200.00Red Bubblegum Machine Prop Rental:$200.00 EachSwirl Peppermint candy lollipop Rental:$180.00 Size: 13 X 13 X 53 H"/Resin
candyland willy wonka prop rentals
Round Mint Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00 Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"Jumbo Yellow Bell pepper rental:$80.00Jumbo Carrot statue rental:$150.00Jumbo Tomato statue rental:$100.00
Corn Statue rental:$75.00 Chile statue rental:$50.00Red mushroom statue rental:$100.00Red Round Mushroom statue Rental:$100.00
Hot dog statue prop rental:$125.00Giant Wine Bottle Prop Rental:$125.00Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental:$115.00Giant Citrus slices set Rental:$125.00
food props
Giant Pineapple Prop Rental:$95.00
13"X24"/ acrylic/foam corrBlue Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00Green Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00Pink Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00
Bluberry mint candy stick Prop Rental:$225.00Peppermint mint candy stick prop Rental:$225.00Rainbow Twisty lollipop statue prop Rental:$300.00Berry whirly lollipop Prop Rental:$225.00
Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"/ resin/ candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals candy statue rentals candyland props
Rainbow Swirl lollipop statue Prop Rental:$300.00Heart Lollipop statue prop Rental:$300.00Rainbow swirl candy cane prop rental:$300.00Pink Gummy bear statuette Rental:$90.00
Yellow Gummy bear statuette Rental:$90.00Pink Cotton Candy cart Rental:$100.00Pixy Stix Pillow Decor Rental:$12.00Sugar Daddy Pillow Decor Rental:$15.00