Candyland Willy Wonka Prop Rentals
Large Strawberry Heart Cupcake Rental:$15.00Large Heart Cupcake Decor Rental:$15.00Flower Cupcake Decor Rental: $ 15.00Strawberry Ice Cream Decor  Rental: $ 25.00 Ea.Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Decor Rental: $ 25.00
Tripple Scoop Ice Cream Decor   Rental: $30.00Cupcake stool Decor Rental: $45.00 Ea. Cupcake Frame Decor Rental: $8.75Small Double Layer Cupcake Table Rental: $50.00Sundae Scoop Decor Rental: $8.50 Ea.
Hesheys Candy Decor Rental: $ 10.75 Ea. Pink Plastic kids Table Rental: $ 25.00Asst Color Gummy Bear Decor Rental:$ 10.00 Ea. Large Cupcake Table Decor Rental: $ 50.00Asst. Lollipop Pastel Swirl  Rental:$ 7.50 Ea.
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Pillow Decor Rental: $ 13.00Large Kiss Plush Decor Rental: $ 10.00Dubble Bubble Plush Decor   Rental: $ 10.00Skittles Pillow Decor Rental:$12.75Giant Lifesavers Decor Rental: $ 50.00
Giant Ice Cream Sundae prop  Rental: $85.00 Candyland Backdrop Rental: $85.00 comes w 2 stands/rod/ 3 clipsValentine Candy Hearts Set  Rental:  $50.00Pastel Swirl Peppermint Candy set Rental: $ 45.00Jumbo Kiss Candy Rental:$9.75 Ea.
Gumdrops set of 5 decor Rental: $60.00Jumbo Jelly Belly Prop  Rental:$20.00 Ea.Jumbo Jelly Belly Blue Prop Rental:$20.00 Ea. Small Strawberry ice cream decor Rental:$6.75 Ea.Hersheys Strawberry Syrup  decor Rental: $10.00
Hamburger Prop Decor Rental:$50.00California Roll Prop Rental:$50.00Shrimp Sushi Prop Rental:$25.00Egg Sushi Prop Rental:$25.00Giant Take Out Rental:$20.00
Corn Decor Rental:$50.00Bread Prop Rental:$50.00Peppermint Candycane holder Rental:$10.75 Ea.Resses Chocolate Bar   Rental:$10.50 Ea.Giant Cherry Decor Rental:$75.00 Ea.
Chocolate candy Prop Rental:$60.00 Ea.Giant Peppermint Candy Stick Rental:$25.00 Ea.Lifesize Lollipop Rental:$200.00 Ea.Jumbo Strawberry Milkshake prop Rental:$300.00Hershey's Chocolate Syrup  Rental:$10.00 Ea
Gingerbread House Prop Stand Rental:$75.00 Color Patch Boards Rental:$26.75 Set of (5 squares) plastic/boardWonka Bar Prop Rental: $50.00 Wonka's Golden Ticket Prop Rental:$45.00Cake on Cake Tier Decor Rental:$60.00Willy Wonka Candyland Event
Candyland Party RentalsCandyland Candy Arch RentalSmall Pink Cupcake Rental:$50.00
Chocolate Cupcake Prop Rental:$100.00Jumbo Yellow Cupcake Rental:$100.00 Jumbo Pink Cupcake Rental:$100.00Jumbo Blue Cupcake Rental:$100.00Jumbo Vanilla Cupcake Statue Rental:$100.00
Rainbow Ice Cream Rental:$400.00Mint Ice Cream Prop Rental:$120.00 Ea.Pink Ice Cream Statue Rental:$120.00Strawberry Donut Prop Rental:$25.00Mint Donut Prop Rental:$25.00
Chocolate Donut Prop Rental:$25.00Pink Candy Tree Rental $ 195.00Pink Berry Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00Lime & Lemon Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00Giant Strawberry Donut Prop   Rental:$ 85.00 Ea.
Vanilla Parisan Ice Cream Statue Rental:$300.00Jumbo Rainbow Ice Cream Statue Prop Rental:$500.00
Giant Red Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsGiant Blue Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00Giant Yellow Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00
Clear Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$100.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsJumbo Gumdrop Decor Rental:$40.00 Each  Gummy Bear Rental:$10.00 EachWilly Wonka Pumpkin Decor Rental:$13.00 EachCandyland party rentals Willy wonka party rentals candyland prop rentalsDonut Statue Prop Rental:$85.00 Ea.
candyland prop rentals
Pink Donut Stand Prop Rental:$125.00White Donut Stand Prop Rental:$125.00Ice Cream Bench Prop Rental:$800.00Tall Sundae Prop Rental:$500.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentals Gummy Bear Statue Rental:$300.00
Orange Gummy Bear prop Statue Rental:$150.00
Size: 34 X 18 X 40 H"/ Resin/ Candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals  candyland statue rentals Yellow Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$150.00
Size: 34 X 18 X 40 H"/ Resin/ Candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals  candyland statue rentals Green Gummy Bear Prop Rental:$150.00Purple Gummy Bear statue Prop Rental:$150.00 EachCandyland Prop Rentals Candyland Party  Candyland Party Rentals
Ice cream table set of 5 rental:$2,000.00Gingerbread Teenage Girl Statue Rental:$175.00 Chocolate Truffle Rental:$60.00 EachGingerbread cookie BABY statue Rental:$150.00Gingerbread cookie Boy statue Rental:$150.00Candy Cane Prop Rental:$250.00
Red candy cane statue rental:$300.00Small Candy cane statue rental:$150.00 Size: 18 x 12 x 48 H"/ResinSwirly Candy Cane statue Rental:$150.00Vanilla ice cream statue rental:$120.00
candyland prop rentals willy wonka statue rentals Pink chocolate truffle rental:$60.00
Blue chocolate truffle rental:$60.00Rock candy stick statue rental:$175.00Lollipop candy statue rental:$200.00
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsDouble Cherry statue rental:$150.00Silver Cupcake statue Rental:$115.00
Gold Cupcake statue Rental:$115.00Chocolate Sprinkles cupcake prop Rental:$150.00Laffy Taffy Stool Prop Rental:$200.00 Size: 24 X 20 X 18 H"/Resin
candyland prop rentals
candy prop rentals
candyland willy wonka prop statue rentalsFruity Marshmallow Stool Statue Rental:$250.00 Size: 37 X 16 X 18 H"
willy wonka prop statue rentals
candyland party prop rentalsChocolate wrapped candy statue Rental:$150.00 Size: 46 x 16 x 17 H"/Resin
Sprinkle Ice Cream decor Rental:$40.00 Pink whirly lollipop Prop Rental:$225.00
Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"/ resin/ candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals candy statue rentals candyland propsJumbo Pastel Blue Cupcake Statue Rental:$300.00Pastel Pink Chocolate Cupcake Statue Rental:$200.00Red Bubblegum Machine Prop Rental:$200.00 Each
Swirl Peppermint candy lollipop Rental:$180.00 Size: 13 X 13 X 53 H"/Resin
candyland willy wonka prop rentalsRound Mint Lollipop Statue Rental:$200.00 Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"Jumbo Yellow Bell pepper rental:$80.00Jumbo Carrot statue rental:$150.00Jumbo Tomato statue rental:$100.00
Corn Statue rental:$75.00 Chile statue rental:$50.00Red mushroom statue rental:$100.00Red Round Mushroom statue Rental:$100.00Hot dog statue prop rental:$125.00
Giant Wine Bottle Prop Rental:$125.00Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental:$115.00Giant Citrus slices set Rental:$125.00
food propsGiant Pineapple Prop Rental:$95.00
13"X24"/ acrylic/foam corrBlue Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00
Green Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00Pink Gumdrop prop Rental:$50.00Bluberry mint candy stick Prop Rental:$225.00Peppermint mint candy stick prop Rental:$225.00Rainbow Twisty lollipop statue prop Rental:$300.00
Berry whirly lollipop Prop Rental:$225.00
Size: 24 X 14 X 49 H"/ resin/ candyland prop rentals willy wonka prop rentals candy statue rentals candyland propsRainbow Swirl lollipop statue Prop Rental:$300.00Heart Lollipop statue prop Rental:$300.00Rainbow swirl candy cane prop rental:$300.00Pink Gummy bear statuette Rental:$90.00
Yellow Gummy bear statuette Rental:$90.00Pink Cotton Candy cart Rental:$100.00
To view rental pricing please click on the picture for special details. Rent items individually as priced. We also offer packages that you will find on this page,  just click on the icon down below "Candyland Packages." We are located in Ontario California. Sorry, we no longer ship rental items out of state.
Pastel Peppermint set of 3 Decor Rental: $ 45.00