Animal Prop Rentals
Giraffe Statue Rental:$400.00Life Size Giraffe Prop Rental:$300.00Large Giraffe Plush Rental: $75.004 Ft Plush Giraffe Rental: $50.00
Blue Macaw Decor Rental:$35.00Red Macaw Plush Decor Rental: $15.00Flamingo Plush Rental:$25.00 Ea.Parrot Asst Plush Rental:$8.00 Ea.
Lifesize Penguin Plush Decor Rental:$25.00Penguin Family Rental:$50.00Snake Prop Rental:$ 12.50Orange Nylon Butterfly Rental:$ 8.00
Vintage Zebra Statue Rental:$50.00Buck Plush Rental:$25.00Large Rabbit Plush Rental:$17.75Rabbit Plush Rental:$13.00
Owl Plush Set Rental: $35.00Furry Owl Rental: $ 8.00 Ea.Squirrel Plush Rental: $9.75Pony Prop Rental:$50.00
Black & White Plush Cow Rental:$30.00Brown & White Plush Cow Rental:$30.00Hen Prop Rental:$25.00Hen prop Rental:$25.00
Noah Ark Set Prop Rental:$1,000.00Hanging Toucan Prop Rental:$15.75Seal Prop Rental: $115.00Canoe Prop Rental:$375.00
Laying Adult Wolf Rental:$300.00Life Size Adult Wolf Rental:$200.00Baby Deer Plush Rental:$40.00Life size baby Wolf Rental:$30.00
Moose Prop Rental:$375.00Beaver Plush Prop Rental:$25.00Racoon Plush Prop Rental:$40.00Skunk Plush Rental: $40.00
Nutty Squirrel Plush Rental:$12.75Old Raccoon Plush Rental:$18.75Life Size Resin Buck Prop Rental:$275.00Doe Deer Statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Honey Bear Plush Rental:$300.00Standing Brown Grizzly Bear Prop Rental:$300.00Baby Bushbak Deer Rental:$30.00 Ea.Fox Statue Prop Rental:$150.00
Beaver Statue Rental:$80.00Yellow Eyed Buggy Turtle Decor Rental:$12.00Ostrich Prop Rental:$50.00Sum Camel Prop Rental:$75.00
Camel Plush Rental:$30.00Baby Elephant Statue Rental:$400.00
Size: 62 x 23 x 63 H"/Resin/Must be delivered Elephant Statue RentalElephant statue Prop Rental:$400.00Life Size Baby Elephant Prop Rental:$200.00
Inflatable Elephant Rental:$100.00Baby Elephant Statue Rental:$125.00Sitting Elephant Prop statue Rental:$300.00Baby Elephant Prop Rental:$100.00
Elephant Plush Decor Rental:$ 30.00Pegasus Prop Rental:$300.00Tent Rental:$45.00 Decorative onlyCamping Wood Directional Sign Rental:$25.00
Faux Spruce Tree Rental:$75.00Faux Med. Christmas Tree Rental:$60.00Sun Tee Pee Rental:$120.00 Ea.Grizzly Bear Rental:$50.00
Polar Bear Plush Prop Rental:$75.00Baby Penguin Plush Rental:$15.00 Ea.Baby Penguin Statue Rental:$100.00White Fox Plush Decor Rental:$40.00
Dalmation statue Rental:$120.00 Resin/life size/Size: 37 x 10 x 26 H"Pink Poodle Prop Rental:$200.00 Ea.Life size St. Bernard Prop Rental:$200.00Hanging Baby Monkey Statue Rental:$40.00
Plush Orangutan Prop Rental:$400.00Gorilla Plush Rental:$25.00Squirrel Monkey Rental:$15.75Baby Chimpanzee Plush  Rental:$15.75
Gorilla Plush Prop Life size Rental:$400.00Life SIze Orangutan Plush  Rental: $37.00Horn Monkey Statue Prop Rental:$80.00Hanging Monkey Statue Rental:$80.00
Mandril Monkey Statue Rental:$120.00Sitting Monkey Statue Rental:$90.00Black Panther Statue Rental:$200.00Standing Tiger Prop Rental:$175.00
Walking Tiger Cub Prop Rental:$100.00White Laying Tiger Rental:$100.00Tiger Cub Prop Rental:$ 100.00Cougar Life Size Statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Jaguar Statue Rental:$200.00Lioness Laying Statue Rental:$400.00Walking Cheetah Prop Rental:$200.00Baby tiger cub Laying Statue Rental:$100.00
Panda Statue Rental:$400.00Kangaroo Prop Rental:$100.00Blue Parrots Statue Rental:$200.00Green Parrots statue Rental:$200.00
Yellow Parrots Statue Rental:$200.00Red Parrots Statue Rental:$250.00Dark blue Macaw Prop Rental:$250.00Toucan Statue Rental:$200.00
Size: 23 x 28 x 49  H"/Resin
Toucan statue Rental:$100.00 Dolphin Statue Prop Rental:$175.00Great White Shark Rental:$50.00Hammerhead Shark Plush Rental:$45.00
Sea Turtle Plush Rental:$45.00 Ea.Brown Seal Plush Rental:$40.00 Ea.Squid Plush Rental:$25.00 Ea.Blue Whale Plush Rental:$45.00 Ea.
Killer Whale Plush Rental:$100.00Dolphin Plush Rental:$40.00Badger statue prop rental:$100.00 Size: 10 X 24 X 28 H"/resinGorilla Statue Prop Rental:$200.00 
Size: 33 x 27 x 45 H"/resin jungle statue rentals
Gorilla female Prop Rental:$100.00
Dimensions: 17L x 14W x 21H in./resin
animal prop rentals
jungle safari prop rentals/ animal statue prop rentalsBaby girl prop Rental:$40.00
    Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5.5"
    Overall Width - Side to Side: 4.25"
    Overall Depth - Front to Back: 5.5"
jungle safari prop rentals/ animal statue prop rentalsFlamingo Statue Prop Rental:$125.00 EachHippo Statue Rental:$250.00
Meerkat Mongoose statue Rental:$50.00Zebra Statue Rental:$200.00Zebra Plush life size Rental:$200.00
45" L x 12" W x 51" H / lion king prop rental/ animal prop rentalLife size Lion Prop Rental:$300.00
Wizard of Oz Prop Rental
Cowardly lion prop rental
Lion statue prop Rental:$350.00 Size: 75 x 24 x 56 H"/resin/not allowed for client pickup/  Lion prop rentalLion King statue Prop Rental:$600.00Tiger prop Statue Rental:$250.00Snail Prop Rental:$100.00
Girly Snail Prop Statue Rental:$75.00Frog statue Rental:$100.00Leopard frog statue Rental:$45.00Standing Ladybug statue Rental:$115.00
Giant Ant Statue Rental:$200.00Lady Bug Statue Rental:$50.00Jumbo Grasshopper Statue Rental:$125.00Mosquito Statue Rental:$75.00
Pelican Statue Rental:$115.00Standing Pelican Statue Rental:$200.00 Baby Cow standing Statue Rental:$125.00Laying baby Cow Statue Rental:$150.00
Baby Horse Statue Rental:$200.00Donkey prop Rental:$300.00Standing Pig statue Rental:$100.00Baby Piglet Sitting Statue Rental:$75.00
Baby Piglet Standing Statue Rental:$75.00Adult Sitting Pig statue Rental:$100.00Laying Lamb Statue Rental:$115.00Sheep Laying statue Rental:$115.00
Standing Sheep statue Rental:$115.00Goat statue Rental:$150.00Rooster statue Rental:$75.00Chicken Hen statue Rental:$60.00
White Chicken hen statue Rental:$60.00Goose Statue Rental:$125.00Polar Bear Statue Rental:$600.00Polar Bear Prop Rental:$150.00
Winter wonderland prop rental
White Deer Prop Rental:$100.00 Each
Winter wonderland prop rental
Winter wonderland eventSwan Statue Rental:$150.00 Each
Enchanted garden prop Rental
2 availableSwan Statue Rental:$375.00
Winter wonderland prop rental
Enchanted garden prop rentalSwan White Feather Decor Rental:$45.00
Standing Polar Bear Plush Rental:$200.00Polar Bear on all fours Prop Rental:$75.00 : Polar Bear Prop Rental:$80.00
  Approx. 22"L x 15-4/5"W x 23-4/5"H/plush/winter wonderland prop rentals christmas prop rentalsPeacock Statue Prop Rental:$200.00
Size: 56 x 17 x 35 H"/Resin/ life size peacock prop/ fairy tale prop rental
Life size Emu Prop Rental:$200.00 Ea.
5ft tall/15 lbs/ 2 available/ emu statue
boho rentalsAlpaca Llama Life size statue Prop Rental:$350.00Big Fluffy Off white Alpaca Plush Decor Rental:$100.00Baby Medium Fluffy Off white Alpaca Plush Decor Rental:$50.00
Baby Small Fluffy Off white Alpaca Plush Decor Rental:$35.00
Turkey life size Prop Statue Rental:$300.00Sitting Fox statue rental:$35.00 14'' H x 10'' W x 7'' D/resinGiant Teddy Bear statue Prop Rental:$200.00Unicorn prop rental:$300.00
Fairy tale Unicorn Party Rentals Unicorn & Swan Rental Package  includes all you see in picture $900.00 Plus tax and delivery chargeJungle Safari Wild Animal Statue RentalsLife size white Poodle statue Prop Rental:$300.00
Size: 36 x 17 x 35 H"/resin/ paris prop rentals/ animal prop rentals/must be delivered/no client pickup allowedBulldog Puppy Statue Rental:$65.00
Puppy Whippet Statue Rental:$65.00Brown Bulldog Puppy statue Rental:$80.00 Size: 7 x 17 x 12 H" @ 5 lbs.Patch Puppy Statue Rental:$65.00 Size: 7 x 17 x 12 H" 3 lbs.Rottweiler Puppy statue Prop Rental:$80.00
Size: 15 x 8 x 12 H"/ resin/ puppy props dog prop rentals puppy party dog party prop rentals
Pug Puppy statue Prop Rental:$75.00
Size: 14 x 6 x 11 H"/ resin/ puppy statue rentals dog prop rentals puppy theme party rentalsCocker spaniel statue prop Rental:$120.00
Size: 26 x 9 x 22 H"/ resin / dog prop statue/ puppy prop rentals dog statueGolden Retriever Prop Rental:$100.00
21" tall/plush like rentalPink Diamond Poodle statue Rental:$200.00
Resin/22'' tall
Chihuahua statue Prop Rental:$50.00
Resin/life like/ life size/ dog statue rental/puppy statue rental/ puppy theme party/ Pink Dog house Rental:$50.00Peter Rabbit Prop Statue Rental:$400.00 Size:29x25x50'' Height /resin Peter rabbit party peter rabbit themeWhite Rabbit Prop Rental:$125.00 3ft tall/Resin/weighs approx. 30 lbsSafari Car Prop Rental:$200.00
wood/no pickup allowed/must be delivered/ Dimensions: 29"W x 53"L
Safari Print faux Book set Rental:$20.00
Giraffe Neck Head Rental: $50.00