Alice in Wonderland Prop Rentals

To view rental pricing please click on the picture for special details. Rent items individually as priced. We also offer rental packages that you will find towards the bottom of this page, just click on the icon for "Wonderland rental packages."
Asst. Color Wood Hanging Lantern Decor Rental: $ 5.75 ea. Purple Velvet Heart Chair Rental: $35.00Pastel Pink Velvet Chair Asst. Rental: $50.00Small Grand Piano Decor Rental: $45.00Red Mushroom stool Rental: $ 12.00Natural Mushroom Rental: $100.00
Mushroom Stool Asst Rental:$ 15.00 Ea.Large Gold Key Asst. Rental: $8.50 Ea. Boxwood Hedge Decor Rental: $50.00 EaChess Statue Light Decor  
Rental:$27.75 Ea. Blook Book Set of 2 Rental: $12.00 Pink Book set of 2 Rental:$12.00
Yellow Book set of 2 Rental: $12.00Green Book set of 2 Rental: $12.00Book Stool Stack Decor Rental :$ 25.00Set of 4 Pieces Orange Tea Cup Rental: $ 20.50 Ea. Set Set of 4 Pieces Green Tea Cup Rental: $20.50 Ea. Set Plastic Asst. Teapot Decor Rental: $7.00 Ea.
Green Plastic Tea Pot Decor Rental:$7.00 ea. Giant Tea Cup Decor  Rental:$ 40.00 Ea.Large Pin Striped  Mannequin Bust Rental:$20.75Medium Pin Striped Mannequin Bust Decor Rental: $15.75Hour Glass Rental: $ 15.00Phonograph decor Rental: $50.00
Vintage Wood Radio Decor Rental:25.00Jumbo Butterfly Decor Rental: $15.00 Ea. Monarch Asst. Butterfly  Rental:$9.50 EaMedium Orange Butterfly Decor  Rental:$9.50 Ea. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Hat Rental: 8.00 Ea. Disney Mad Hatter Hat Rental: $8.00
White Rabbit Hat Rental: $8.00Mad Hatter Hat Decor Rental: $8.00 TB Style Mini Mad Hatter Decor Hat Rental: $10.50Mad Hatter Velvet Hat Rental: $8.00March Hare Hat Rental: $10.75 Red Queen Mini Top Hat Rental:$10.50
Red Queen Hair Wig Rental:$12.25Red Queen WIg/Hat Prop Rental: $10.75Queen of Hearts Hat Rental:$6.50Costume Crown Prop Rental: $2.50TB Cheshire Cat Head Hat Prop Rental: $12.75Cheshire cat head Disney Rental:$15.75
Plastic Rabbit Mask Rental:$6.75White Rabbit ears head Prop  Rental:$10.75Mad Hatter Setup Mad Hatter Rental: $40.00 Giant Tea Cup prop Rental: $30.00Disney Alice in Wonderland StandsAlice in Wonderland Tablescape Smurf Mushroom Asst Rental: $ 10.00 Ea 15'' Tall x 12'' Wide   Red/Blue
Vintage Rusty Brown Birdcage Rental:  $25.00Vintage Cream Set Birdcages decor Retnal: $25.00Circus Birdcage set of 2 Rental: $50.00Set of 2 Cream Dome Birdcage Rental: $25.00Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Box Decor  Rental: $25.00Large Gerbera Daisy Rental: $ 8.00 Ea.
Moss Mushroom Set/3 Rental: $45.00Alice Plush Doll Decor Rental: $12.00Queen of Hearts Plush Decor Rental: $12.00Mad Hatter Plush Decor Rental: $ 12.00 White Rabbit Plush Decor Rental: $12.00Cheshire Cat Plush Decor Rental: $12.00
Large Cheshire Cat Plush decor  Rental: $25.00Cheshire Cat Stand Rental:$50.00Absolum Stand Rental: $40.00  Small Hookah Display Only  Rental: $ 10.00Malyumkn Mouse Stand Rental:$ 40.00 Vintage Stool Rental: $5.00Life Like Pig Statue  Rental: $ 50.00White Rabbit TB Style Figure  Rental:$50.00
Pastel Blue Teacup & Saucer Rental: $3.50 Ea. SetGiant Drink Me Bottle Stand Rental: $45.00Giant Tea Cup & Saucer Prop  Rental: $60.00Faux Tree Stump  Rental: $45.00White Rabbit Statue Rental:$80.00Blue Caterpillar Statue Rental:$80.00
Ivory Mushroom Decor  Rental $15.00Blue Resin Mushroom Decor 
Rental:$ 15.00Two Stem Mushroom decor  
Rental: $15.00Small Red spotted Mushroom Rental:      $ 3.50 ea. Mallet set of 6 Rental: $ 15.00Plush Dormouse Decor  Rental: $10.00
Plush Flamingo Decor Rental: $ 15.00Plastic Lawn Flamingo Rental: $2.50 Ea. Light up Tinsel Flamingo Decor 
Rental:$ 25.00Alice in wonderland Backdrop Scene Setter 10ft x 10ft Rental: $200.00Twisted Candlestick Holder Rental: $12.75 Ea. Oversized White Rabbit Plastic Pocket watch Rental: $10.75 Ea.
Gold Asst. Clock Rental: $ 8.00 Ea.Vintage Medium Clock Decor Rental:$25.00Brass Hookah Decor Rental: $15.75Alice in Wonderland Wood Character Rentals: $35.00 Ea.  Large Red Mushrooms Set of 2 Rental: $100.00 Per set of 2 (large and small Mushroom)Card Solider Stand Rental:$50.00 Small Red Velvet Alice Chair  Rental: $18.00 Alice Plush Rental: $25.00
Red Foam Mushroom  Rental:$100.00Asst. Color Wood Baskets Rental: Large $10.00 Ea. & Small Rental: $8.00 Ea.Large Spotted Tea cup & Saucer Rental:$25.50 ea. Glass Apothecary Dispenser Rental:$35.00 Ea.Drink Me Bottle Dispenser 
Rental:$ 25.50 Ea.3 Spotted Mushroom & stump set  Rental:$15.75
Card Snack Trays Set of 4  
 Rental:$ 10.00 Ea. SetGold Charger Rental: $2.00 ea. Red Charger Rental: $2.00 ea. Giant Chess Set Rental: $40.00Velvet Ropes & Stanchion Rental:$100.00Groovy Mushroom Asst. Rental:    $45.00 Ea.
Large Wonka Mushroom Rental:$45.00Mystical Mushroom Prop Rental: $45.00Medium Spotted Orange Mushroom Prop Retnal:$ 45.00Orange Large Mushroom Prop Rental:    $45.00Giant Spotted Mushroom prop 
Rental: $ 50.00Orange Top Round Mushroom Rental:$40.00
Lounge Mushroom Table  
Rental: $ 80.00 EALarge Tea set Rental:$ 30.00 Ea. SetAsst. Color Flower Topiary Pot Rental: $18.50 Ea. Spotted Mushroom Rental:(Pink/Turqoise/Purple/ MagentaRoyal Rabbit Doll Stand Rental: $75.00Doe Deer Standing Plush Decor Rental: $50.00
Deer Buck Plush Decor Rental: $25.00Furry Owl Set Decor Rental: $ 25.00Furry Owl Rental: $5.00 Ea.Squirrel Plush Decor Rental: $10.75Jack Rabbit Large Decor Renta: $25.00Plush Rabbit Decor Rental:$ 15.00
Faux Stone Fountain Decor Rental: $40.00Mercury Candle Votive  Rental:$6.75 Ea.LED Light 60 Bulb Rental: $45.00 Ea.Pin Spot Light Rental: $ 20.50 Ea.  Light w/Color Gel Included Colors available: Turqouise/Magenta/Violet/Orange/GreenFog Machine Rental: $25.75Large This way That Way Sign Rentlal: $15.00
White Potted Rose Rental:$ 7.50 Ea.Asst Paper Lanterns Rental: $3.00 Ea. 12'' DiameterGiant Hour Glass Decor Rental: $50.00Alice in Wonderland Door  
Rental: $50.00Potted Moss topiary ball Rental:$13.00 Ea.Swirl Rose Topiary Rental: $15.75 Ea.
Faux Grass Mat Rental: $ 6.50 Ea.Mushroom Table & 2 stumps Rental: $200.00 Red Foam Mushoom set Rental: $100.00  2 Mushrooms per setChunky Rose Bowl Decor Rental: $15.00 Ea.Large Flower Head Decor  Rental: $15.75 Ea.Large Flower Head Rental: $15.75 Ea. Small Flower Head Rental: $ 15.75
Tube Mushrooms Statue Rental:$12.75 Ea.Smoosh Mushroom Statue Rental:$15.75Giant Rose Head Rental: $10.75Red Foam Mushrooms  Rental:$ 100.00Giant Mushrooms Prop Rental:$ 100.00Mad Hatter Light up Hat Decor Rental: $20.00
Goth Alice in Wonderland Scene Setter Rental: $ 50.00Artificial Grass Turf Carpet
 Rental:$ 75.00Royal Gate Rental: $ 200.00Down the Rabbit Hole Frame   
Rental: $ 10.75Brown Book Box Rental:$7.50 Ea.Wonderland Entrance Backdrop Scene setter Rental: $100.00
Mushroom Backdrop Scene setter Rental: $100.00Plastic Print Teapot Rental: $8.00 Ea.Small Black & White Mannequin Rental:$ 10.50 Ea.Large Cherry table Clock  Rental:$15.00Owl Statue Decor 
Rental$: $50.00 Standing Bambi Statue
 Rental: $ 200.00
Sitting Bambi Decor Statue & Sitting Thumper Decor Statue Rental:$300.00Thumper Statue Rental: $85.00 Sitting Bambi & Thumper Statue Rental:$200.00 SetOrange Mushroom House Rental:$10.00T.B. White Rabbit Statue Rental:$50.00 Giant Mushroom Prop Rental:$150.00
"Midnight Wonderland Tablescape"Red Queen Bust Rental: $ 50.00Gold Crowns Set Rental:$15.75Red Queen Wand Prop Rental:$8.75Jumbo Tin Teapot Rental:$20.00 Cheshire cat stand Rental:$40.00
Alice set of 6 Rentals:$25.75Blue Caterpillar Mini Stand Rental:$8.75Frog Butler Statue Rental:$50.00 31'' Tall x 22'' Wide x 21'' Vintage books Rental:$10.75 Ea.3 Piece Brass set Rental:$15.75Gold Shell teapot Rental:$10.50
Yonder & Hither Signs Rental:$12.75 Ea.Royal Croquet sign Rental:$15.75Cheshire Ears & Tail Rental:$8.75 : alice in wonderland theme prop rentalsGold Metal Glass Holders  Large 3 tier Rental:$25.00 Medium 2 tier Rental:$10.00 Small tier holder Rental:$8.00Cream Metal 2 tier cupcake holder Rental:$25.00
Porcelain Cake Plate Rental:$15.75 Ea.White Cake Plate with Dome Rental:$25.75White Porcelain 2 tier Candy holder Rental:$ 8.00Silver 2 tier holder Rental:$ 15.25Cobalt Blue cake tier Rental:$25.00Red Swirly trim cake tier Rental:$15.00
Lime Green cake tier Rental:$15.00Orange Cake Stand Rental:$15.50Gold Monarch tier Rental:$11.50Gold Scalloped tier Rental:$11.50Gold whimsical cupcake holder Rental:$15.00Gold Cake Tier Rental: $12.00
Gold Swirl candy Tier Rental:$11.00 Ea.Pink Metal 3 Tier Cupcake Holder  Rental:$25.50Pink tier dome Rental:$8.75Alice Bird Cage Rental:$12.75Asst. Mini Carved Glass Bottle Rental:$1.50 Ea.Daisy Puff Rental:$3.00 Ea.
Mini Bird cage Rental:$4.50 Ea.Glittered Florals Rental:$4.00 Ea.Jumbo Hydrangea Stem Rental:$18.75Jumbo Orchid Stem Rental:$18.75Jumbo Dahlia Stem Rental:$20.50Jumbo Peony Stem Rental:$18.75
Jumbo Asst of 4 Stems Rental:$65.00Red Queen Standee Rental:$35.00Jumbo Red Rose Stem Rental:$18.75Red Queen's Set of 3 Rental:$18.75Red Rose Kissing Ball Rental:$13.50 Ea.King of Hearts Pillow Rental:$25.50
Queen of Hearts Pillow Rental:$25.50Queen Book Rental:$6.75 Ea.Queen of Hearts Serving Tray Rental:$15.75 Ea.Flamingo plate set Rental:$10.75Wonderland Blocks Rental:$6.75Whimsy Clock Rental:$8.75 Ea.
Flamingo Canteen Rental:$8.00 Ea.Long tailed Cheshire cat plush Rental:$13.00Alice Table Skirt Rental:$50.00Pencil Bird Rental:$5.25 Ea.Porcelain Teapot Rental:$8.00 Ea.Gold Candleabra Rental:$25.00 Ea.
Part of Woodland Wonderland PackageWoodland Wonderland Rental PackageWoodland Wonderland Rental PackageAlice Statue & Dinah Decor  Rental: $ 80.00
"I'd ask the Mad Hatter" Rental Package"I'd ask the Mad Hatter" Rental Package"I'd ask the Mad Hatter" Rental Package : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsRed Queen Flamingo Plush  Rental:$15.75 Ea.Queen Throne Chair Rental:$100.00
Red Vintage Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00Purple Heart Vintage Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00Sky Blue Vintage Chair Rental:$50.00Blue Swirl Velvet Chair Rental:$50.00Yellow Mustard Vintage Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00Blue Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00
Gold Vintage Chair Rental:$40.00Kings Scalloped Throne Chair Rental:$50.00 Ea.Queens Scalloped Throne Chair Rental:$50.00 Ea.Gold Mad hatter Chair Rental:$45.00Heart Back Chair Rental:$45.00Vintage Victorian Chair Rental:$45.00 Ea
Orange Heart Chair Rental:$40.00Down the Rabbit Hole Wreath Rental:$35.75Victorian Elegance  Package Rental:$2500.00Misses White Rabbit Prop Rental:$75.00
Candleabra Rental:$25.00 EaLarge Swirl Topiary Rental:$50.00 Ea. Mrs White Rabbit Statue Rental:$50.00
Tripple Ball topiary Rental:$50.00Ball Topiary Rental:$40.00Black Beauty Clock Rental:$200.00Grandfather Floor Clock Rental:$15.75 Ea.Red Vintage Giant Red Clock Decor Rental: $ 50.00Gray Box Clock Rental:$50.00
Melting Clock decor Rental:$15.25Blue Vintage Sky Clock Rental:$50.00Vintage Oval Clock Rental:$25.00Giant Alarm Clock Rental:$40.00Turqouise Birdcage Rental:$12.75Pink Birdcage Rental:$12.75
Yellow Birdcage Rental:$12.75Red Birdcage Rental:$12.75Poofy Mushroom Set of 3 Rental: $45.00Pink Try Me Bottle Standee Rental:$50.00Vintage Hourglass Rental:$12.75Vintage French Birdcages Rental:$25.00
Giant Key Decor Rental:$45.00Daffodil Statue Prop Rental:$150.00Rose Statue Prop Rental:$150.00Gold Chandelier Rental:$50.00Turqouise Waffle Linen Rental:$45.00Pastel Pink Waffle Linen Rental:$45.00
Wonderland Decor Cup Stand Rental:$45.00Red Hearts Table Runner Rental:$9.75Topiary Ball Rental:$9.50 Ea.Tea Cart Rental:$50.00Cheshire Cat Jar Decor Rental:$45.00French Frog Table Rental:$50.00
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsTeal Metal Chair Rental: $9.00 Ea.Red Metal Chair Rental:$9.00 Ea.Caterpillar Standee TB Rental:$45.00 Drink Me Bottle Rental:$ 18.75 Ea.
March Hare Standee TB Rental:$50.00Kennsington Alarm Clock Rental:$50.00 T.B. White Rabbit Statue Rental:$75.00 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals
T.B. Inspired Mad hatter table setupSky Blue vintage Velvet Chair Rental:$40.00 Kennsington Clock Rental:$50.00Cheshire Cat Float Balloon Decor Rental:$100.00Alice in wonderland RentalsBlue Caterpillar Standee Rental:$35.00 Sleepy Doormouse Standee Rental:$35.00
King of Hearts Rental:$35.00 Queen of Hearts Rental:$35.00Bungy Mushroom Set of 4 Rental:$150.00Woodland Mushroom Statue Rental:$20.75 Ea.Crystal Gem Trim Tier Rental:$45.00
Small Silver Crystal Cake tier Rental:$25.00Silver 2 tier Crystal Cupcake tier Rental:$25.00Large Card Faux Book Rental:$7.75 Ea.Vintage Metal Windmill Prop Rental:$100.00Alice in wonderland Rentals
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsJumbo Chess Pieces Rental:$16.75 Ea. : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsBlack & White Chevron Jumbo Teacup Rental:$15.75 Ea.Red Queen Standee Rental:$45.00
Giant 3 Book Props Set Rental:$100.00Black & White Chevron Jumbo Teacup Rental:$20.75 Ea.
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsMushroom Pop Up Rental:$60.00 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsTori Spelling & Charlene
Red Mushies Prop Rental:$150.00 EaLarge Moss Mushroom Decor Rental:$25.00 Ea.Light up Mushrooms Rental:$9.50 Ea.Whimsy Book stack Prop Rental:$45.00Smurf Spongeez Mushroom Set Rental:$50.00Orange Mushroom Stool Rental: $25.00 Ea.
Vintage Charm Grandfather Clock Rental:$200.00Black Mini Grandfather Clock Prop Rental:$40.00White Rabbit Pocket watch  Clock Rental:$9.75 Ea.Pastel Carnival Directional Stand  Rental:$25.00Mini Rabbit Hole Door Prop Rental:$40.00 Alice & Dinah Statue Rental:$80.00 Eat Me Box Decor Rental:$15.00Mini Rabbit Hole Door Prop Rental:$45.00
Metal Tree Stump Set Rental: $50.00Soft Stump Set Rental:$90.00Alice Picture Frame Stand Rental:$15.00Alice in wonderland Rentals
Whimsy Swirl Topiary Tree Rental:$50.00Yellow Owl Bird Cage Rental:$13.75 Pencil Bird wood Cutout Rental:$5.25Pink Toadie Mushroom Rental:$25.00 Ea.Pastel Tiffany Green Cake dome Rental:$12.00Transparent Pitcher Rental:$8.00 Ea.Life Size White Rabbit Prop Rental:$425.00
Waiter Monkey Table Rental:$50.00Frog Butler Statue Prop Rental:$50.00Froggy Butler Prop Rental:$40.00Jumbo Ladybug Decor Rental: $50.00Snail Prop Rental:$100.00Giant Tulip Prop Rental:$100.00
"Once upon a Wonderand Display" Rental Package:$895.00 : 
alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsTall Jumbo Teacup & Saucer Rental:$25.75 Ea. Set
White smooth Cake tier holder Rental:$25.00Jade smooth Cake tier holder Rental:$25.00Cheshire Cat Float Rental:$100.00Giant Mushroom Rental:$100.00 (5 piece prop includes mushroom top/pods/mushroom base) 4-6 ft tall additinal pieces 25.00 each podJumbo Book Prop Set Rental:$175.00 Alice in wonderland RentalsTo there to here post Rental:$15.75
Jumbo Checkers Game Rental:$75.00Alice in wonderland rentalsAlice in Wonderland Prop RentalsRose Prop Statue Rental:$200.00 cake Alice in wonderland Party RentalsQueen Red Vintage Velvet Chair Rental:$45.00
Jumbo Cheshire Cat Statue Decor Rental:$200.00Cheshire Cat standing Statue Decor Rental:$80.00Cheshire Cat Laying Statue Decor Rental: $ 80.00Queen of Hearts Statue Decor Rental:$100.00Standing Alice Statue Decor Rental:$100.00Alice & Dinah Statue Set Rental:$80.00
White Rabbit Statue Decor Rental:$80.00Mad Hatter Statue Decor Rental:$80.00Caterpillar Statue Decor Rental:$80.00 Tree Stump Prop Rental:$45.00 Pink Hookah Decor Rental:$17.25Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Statue  Decor Rental:$80.00Door Mouse in Tea Cup Decor Rental:$25.00 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals
Plastic Teapots Decor Rental:$7.00 ea.Plastic Flower Teapots Decor Rental:$7.00 ea.White Chess Piece Decor  
Rental:$16.75 Ea.Black Chess Piece Decor Rental:$16.75Rain Birdcage Decor Rental:$25.00Cheshire Cat grass Patch Statue Rental:$40.00
Beaty Eyed Cheshire Cat Statue Rental:$40.00Turquoise Cookie Jar Rental:$10.75Caterpillar Plush Decor Rental:$20.00 Silhouette Cup & saucer Rental:$9.50Red Card Solider Plush Decor Rental:$20.00March Hare Plush Decor Rental:$20.00Silhouette Cup & Saucer  Rental:$9.50 Ea.
Pink Doll House Rental:$75.00Black & White Checkered Teapot Rental:$15.00 White Metal Scalloped Riser Rental:$12.75This way that way pink Sign Rental:$17.50 eachAlice in wonderland rentals
 : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentals : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsJumbo Pastel Teapot Decor Rental:$25.00Alice in Wonderland Candy buffetAlice in Wonderland Queen Tea Party
 : Alice in wonderland Rentals
alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsJumbo Whimsical Tea pot Framed Rental:$25.00Alice in wonderland RenatlsAlice in wonderland party rentalsJumbo Door Knob Decor Prop Rental:$50.00 29'' tall x 17'' wide/corr.foamAlice in Wonderland Party Rentals by www.chakodadesign.com
Blue Caterpillar Statue Prop Rental:$450.00Blue Caterpillar Prop Table top Decor Rental:$120.00 Green Hookah Decor Rental:$18.00Giant Chess Set Rental:$500.00Alice in wonderland Rentals
 : flowers by bloomingbackdrops : alice in wonderland theme party prop rentalsKing Chandelier Rental:$75.00Giant Tea Cup Prop Rental:$150.00Alice in Onederland themed party Alice in wonderland rentalsAlice in Wonderland cake table
Alice in wonderland party rentalsAlice in wonderland PartyPretty Flower Stand Rental:$50.00 Ea.Jumbo Pastel Pink Floral Bowl Rental:$19.50Jumbo Pastel Blue Floral Bowl Rental:$30.00Large Spotted Tea Pot Rental:$15.50 Small Spotted Tea Pot Rental:$11.75
Alice in Wonderland party RentalsAlice in Wonderland cake tableAlice in wonderland cake table Alice in wonderland party rentalsAlice in Wonderland party rentalsAlice in Wonderland Character kids Entertainment
Alice in Wonderland Party RentalsAlice in Wonderland CandybarAlice in Wonderland Party RentalsAlice in Wonderland Cake tableAlice in Wonderland Photo booth Combo Rental Package: $600.00Mushroom House Prop Rental:$450.00
Boxwood Hedge Wall Rental:$250.00  22 in. L x 9 in. W x 59 in. H (47 lbs.)Peter Rabbit Statue Rental:$400.00Peter Rabbit Prop Rental:$400.00 Size: 29 x 25 x 50 H"/resin Peter rabbit theme partyFaux floral book decor Rental:$9.00 Ea.
alice in wonderland prop rentalsMushroom Chair Prop Rental:$100.00Mushroom slanted chair statue Rental:$100.00
Mushroom Double Prop Statue Rental:$450.00 Size: 37x 21 x 20 H"/resinWhite Rabbit Prop Rental:$125.00 3 ft tall/ resin/ weighs approx. 30 lbsRed Queen Prop statue Rental:$300.00 Size: 32 x 24 x 44 H"/resin/ item must be delivered alice in wonderland prop rentalsAlice in Wonderland statue Rental package:$400.00March hare prop statue Rental:$200.00 Size: 28 x 15 x 16 H"/resin alice in wonderland prop rentalsTweedles prop Statue Rental:$500.00 Size: 54 x 21 x 50 H"/resin/ item must be delivered/ no client pickup allowed / alice in wonderland prop rentals
Doormouse in tea cup prop Rental:$100.00 Size: 18 x 11 x 13 H"/resin alice in wonderland prop rentalsRed Button spotted mushroom Rental:$30.00 EachRed Mushroom Prop Rental:$200.00Peony in vase decor Rental:$25.00 Ea.Purple vintage Velvet throne chair Rental:$75.00