We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.
Hot Dog Cart Rental: $ 75.004 Oz. Pocorn Cart Rental: $65.00Cotton Candy Cart w/Bubble Lid Rental: $80.00Cotton Candy Cart  Rental:$ 75.00Snow Cone Cart Rental: $75.00
Pink Rollie Cold Drinks Cooler Rental:$50.00Antique Pedestal Rental: 75.00 Ea. Chocolate Fountain Rental: $30.00Glass Apothecary Dispenser Rental:$30.00 Ea.Bee Hive Beverage Dispenser Rental: $13.75 Ea.
Chunky Glass Beverage Dispenser Rental: $14.50 Ea. Hexagon Glass Beverage Dispenser Rental: $ 13.50 Ea. Acrylic Beverage Dispenser Rental:$ 11.75 Ea.4 Tier Drinking Fountain Rental: $45.00Red Rollie Cold Drinks Cooler Rental:$60.00
Straw Dispenser Rental:$8.75Coke Napkin Dispenser Rental:$9.50 Ea.Vintage Juke box Rental:$25.75Off White Ottoman Rental: $15.00 Ea.
Clear Acrylic cake tier with dome Rental:$12.50Jumbo Eiffel Tower Prop Rental:$185.00Pink Poodle Statue Rental:$200.00 Ea.Gold Scalloped Cake tier Rental:$15.75 Large/Medium Rental:$13.75
Princess Carriage Decor Prop Rental:$200.00