Pirate Props & Party Rentals
Kids Pirate Ship Decor Rental: $ 20.00Pirate Bottle Holder with Green Bottle Rental: $25.00Life Like Blue Macaw Rental: $ 40.00Polly Red Macaw Plush Rental: $6.00Parrot Plush Set of 4 Rental: $ 20.00
Skeleton Body Decor Rental: $9.50 Ea. Prepare to be Boarded sign  Rental: $8.00Fishing Nets Asst Sizes Rental:$4.00 EaJolly Rogers Pirate Flag Rental: $ 3.00 EaSkull Decor Rental: $15.00 Pirate Party Rentals
Wood Anchor Decor Rental: $8.00Metal Anchor Decor Rental: $5.00Wood Tier Wood Holder Rental: $15.00WIne Barrel Prop Decor Rental: $80.00Faux Tropical Tree Asst.  Rental: $50.00 Ea.
Friendly Pirate Skull Decor  Rental: $6.00Skull Coin Decor Rental: $ 4.00Foam Skull Prop Rental: $ 2.00 EaTree Stump Rental: $3.00 Ea. Pirate Cork Sign Rental: $8.00
Pirate Studded Box Decor Rental: $ 7.00Large Open Shell Rental: $15.00Curved Shell Decor Rental: $20.00Metal Washbucket Rental: $6.00Wood Ship Wheel Decor Rental: $6.00
Gold Pirate Lantern Rental: $ 6.00Large Lantern Decor  Rental: $15.00 Ea.Wooden Blackboard Rental: $15.00Barrel Centerpiece Rental: $16.00 Ea. Wood Shelf Tray Rental: $25.00
Barrel Decor Rental: $25.003 Pier Piling Rental: $ 8.00Wood Crate Rental: $3.00 Ea. Wood Lantern Set of 2 Rental: $45.00Vintage Pirate Lantern decor Rental:$12.00 Ea.
Sand Castle Decor Prop Rental: $30.00Red Pirate Captain Bust Rental: $7.00Pirate Bust with Parrot Rental: $8.50Pirate Menace Burd Statue  Rental: $8.75Gonit Pirate Statue Table top Rental: $8.75
Slither Pirate Statue Table top Rental: $8.75Smokey Pete Statue Table top Decor Rental: $8.75Driftwood Decor Rental: $3.00 Ea. Faux Crow Open wing Rental: $6.00 EaPirate Flag Rental: $ 8.75
Large Anchor Prop Rental: $ 27.50Pirate Chests Decor set of 3 Rental: $ 65.00Trunk set of 2 Rental: $100.00